Hocus Pocus, let’s try and Focus

Morning Folks!!

Let’s cut to the chase. Liberal or Conservative. Left or
Right, Democrat or Republican, don’t fall for the bullshit. Whatever the
government does comes to one thing. How much tax do YOU want to pay?

So if you earn $100,000, how much of that $100k are you
willing to give away to the government to do all they want to do? It’s a
number. It’s not any party affiliation. How much you wanna pay? Make sure you
ask yourself at what point are you a SLAVE or an Indentured Servant? So what is
your number? Now just remember that the 7% in sales tax you pay AFTER your
initial tax actually counts! Your state TAX counts! Your property TAX counts.
Your utility TAX counts. Your gas TAX counts. Your telephone TAX counts. All taxes after the TAX. That is a bigger percentage of the dollars you have left over.

So you have $100k. How much should you and your family keep? How much should the government take to support their programs and families of other people? $65,000? $50,000? $25,000? $90,000?

In my pea brain, anything over 50% and you are no longer a “Free”
person. What's your number?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus, let’s try and Focus

  1. XF.com - Aron

    This discussion makes me
    I don’t mind helping people, but there is no accountability in the government anymore.
    Give me an itemized list to let me know where my 40% is going (and as you said,
    income tax is just the beginning).
    SOMETHING has to change here, but it won’t, because we’re spening more NOW than we ever have.
    Hold on people, taxes are going up… regardless of what Obama has promised you.

  2. Kevin

    Unless you have your own island or live on a yacht in the middle of the ocean you really aren’t free no matter what country you live in.
    Besides taxes on virtually everything you do from morning to night and even while you sleep, we all live within the confines of government systems.
    When your child turns 5 the state mandates you bring him to school and they take control for 6 hours a day, total strangers have your most precious thing in the world.
    You can’t drive anywhere without the state forcing you to wear a seatbelt, have a license, have a license for your car, have insurance, obey red lights and speed limtis, pay them money at toll booths, etc.
    If you work at a company you are at their mercy, rules and regulations all day long.
    You go to the mall you are videotaped in the parking lot, videotaped walking around, and videotaped inside each store. Here in South Florida they’re even now installing special cameras that will read every car’s license plate wherever you drive and your plate info will be sent to the FBI’s NCIC to check if you are wanted for anything.
    Even in the comfort of your home, you go online and your ISP knows every bit of data going in and out of your PC, Google knows every word you search, your PC is loaded with cookies tracking the sites you go to.
    We’re living in a virtual prison and there is no escape from it. Every country has the same BS controls in place, just to varying degrees.
    The US government has FBI and CIA field offices in every country now. So you can’t even leave the US and not expect to have your moves tracked even if you are just on business or vacation you will be put in a data file one way or another.
    You can’t get on airplane without taking off your shoes first and a background check run on you.
    The more you think about it all, the more you realize the money that gets picked out of our pockets all day long is just the tip of the virtual prison iceberg.
    As many have said on this subject, we’re basically all screwed.

  3. Michael Roberts

    My number is zero. When the illegal income tax was put upon this country in 1913, they started with one percent. One percent sounded ok? Not to me. The Fed is a private company, the IRS is the collections agency tasked with gathering their interest payments, and the congress has the credit card with the the credit limit of your total enslavement.

  4. Mark

    “So if you earn $100,000, how much of that $100k are you willing to give away to the government to do all they want to do?”
    Its not all ‘they’ want to do, its what all you want them to do for you. If you want an awesome military and a fabulous space program and all the rest of it, then expect a massive deficit.
    Remember the new government has been in power for 7 months, ALL of the issues that are being tackled predate this administration. Meaning, previous administrations screwed it up, they caused 90% of the debt. This new 10% of debt that the Obama administration is adding on to the debt is truly unfortunate, but apparently necessary to, not fix, but reshape the economy. We have to buy our way out of this mess. We are not going to organically slowly evolve to a new more sustainable economic system. The demographics are against us and the lobbyists are against us.
    The status quo is what the lobbyists want. Therefor anyone advocating the status quo (like the previous administration) is working against the interests or the population.

  5. UFO

    The optimal tax has been reasonably determined at 20%. Interestingly most overheads in large corporates seem to replicate that figure.
    Most taxes being created are trojans for future expansion.
    Milton Friedman pointed out the issues a long time ago Watch this video and you’ll see… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfdRpyfEmBE

  6. Morgan

    I completely agree. I’m also frustrated we don’t get more of a say in where our tax dollars go.
    This year I feel like I spent a fortune paying big bonuses for finance execs. All of this at a time where I think we should all be saving money any way we can!
    I want to have a say in how my tax dollars are spent no matter what my tax rate is and this year I feel like I overspent like crazy without having a choice!
    Now I live in California which is bankrupt so there are going to be cuts left and right – this after just approving the largest stimulus bill in the history of the country??!?!
    Can’t some of that money go towards keeping our University professors? Already schools like UCLA have limited the size of their incoming class – seems like we should be directing these billions of dollars WE just spent to somewhere useful.
    As always Rick your posts get me thinking – have a great weekend!

  7. Graham

    Tax is a good thing, free libraries, schools, hospitals, police, firemen, army, roadworks…
    I think any government should be able to run effectively with 25% income tax and 10% sales tax / GST.
    Paying nearly half your income in tax is obviously bureaucracy. A lot of public servants are not needed.

  8. Kevin

    What I’d like to know is how are people who are driving 10 to 15 year old clunker cars qualifying for a new car loan? Something doesn’t add up with this deal.

  9. Dave Wrixon aka Rubber Duck

    It is interesting how the US criticizes China for its lack of Democracy, but at the same time its own citizens bemoan that fact they have no real say over how their tax dollar is spent or even how how much they pay? Or indeed whether they go to war?
    What is the point of Democracy if nobody is listening to the people. Is the Land of the Free nothing more than a sham?
    And what else are they lying about? Take GDP. The figures came in better than expected, but the goal posts were moved twice. Third and fourth quarters of last year suffered a five yearly revision, first quarter against which second quarter was judged was revised drastically down. So in effect they are convincing you things are better with BS headline figures when all the time the revisionist are gradually downgrading the lies they told last year.

  10. M. Menius

    It’s mind-boggling the amount of tax that is collected in this country, and how many people are living financially off of the tax from working Americans.
    Don’t even start with how that money then gets wasted or we’ll lapse into full blown conniptions.
    Rick, this”Hocus Pocus” entry should be picked up by the AP. Many truths encapsulated in a direct-to-the-point post.

  11. Steve C

    Flat Tax anyone?
    Don’t forget they didn’t let the banks and other mismanaged industries like automobiles fail as they probably should have. Now that is on our backs.
    20% is plenty. Maybe a little too much.
    Also, I have to know about what the tax overhead is to run a company. Now I have to estimate and I go on the high side to be safe.
    Now I return back to the domain business.


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