My 11th Sale

Morning Folks!!

I will be announcing another domain sale later this week.
This is a geo domain. Of course when I bought it and even before I sold it I
did not categorize it as a geo domain even though it is. This was an early
purchase back in 1996. Not a 7 figure domain. But a pretty good return if you
have patience.

More and more I look at domains as more than mining. In the
early days it was mining. Today it is watching fruit tress ripen and sweet
fruit to pick. I always do one
thing in life. I plant seeds. I plant seeds every day of my life. I don’t worry
about when or even if they will ripen. I know it is all about a percentage. If
you do your homework and you plant good seeds, then the chances of them getting
ripe are extremely high.

Most of my life I was a “Schlepper” . Not sure if I spelled that right. But
it means a salesman making money on a daily grind. Not the true translation. But it took on a new meaning over time. In furniture it was a cross between moving sofas from one part of the store to another or a guy on the road trying to sell his goods. Buying for $1, selling for
$2. No work, no money. Like a waiter. No work, no tips, no money. But when I
broke my back in 1988, I had to think of a different way to make money. A
smarter way. How do I make money from bed? It evolved over time. But what I
learned was not to worry about turning $1 in $2 today. I learned to plant the
seeds for tomorrow and allowing them to germinate, grow, mature, sweeten and
ripen. There was never a timetable involved. Just patience. If you plant enough
seeds and the seeds are good and the seeds germinate, there was never a sense
of urgency to do anything but keep planting seeds.

Each of these posts is a seed. I plant something each
morning. Alone they may or may not mean much. Together they may have great
value. Each sale I make is a piece of the puzzle. A clue into the direction and
pace of things. Stay tuned.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “My 11th Sale

  1. C.T. Kirkpatrick

    Congrats on your continued and well deserved success. Your career in the domain industry is certainly one to envy!

  2. JB

    Aren’t we in a recession? You wouldn’t know it in the domain world as sales are pretty steady this year.

  3. James Jesterton

    Exactly what C.T. Kirkpatrick said. And thanks for writing this post about planting seeds. I will also relate this to a previous post (paraphrasing) about buying the next million dollar name for $10k or less. I have taken this advice and purchased a name in a private sale that I think fits the criterea. I may not have done this had you not made the previous post.
    In terms of your political related posts can you not comment about the theft going on by big brother? Politics have been intertwined with business now in an inefficient and unconstitutional manner. That being said, at least with the trillions in counterfeit money being printed, domains should be a great hedge!
    Stay positive in navigating these uncharted waters!!

  4. Mert

    One question…Did you ever register a new domain and sold it within the last few years ? I mean a domain not registered before ?

  5. Donny M

    I hope it’s insurance or”casino related” :) We have a few of those.
    If I had to put money on it its one of the above and
    Def-a two worded generic.
    Always fun to guess.
    Donny M :)

  6. Harry

    Gongrats on the sale.
    “Schlepper” (german) you spelled it right, but missed the meaning a bit.
    1) A vehicle (tractors, tugboat, hauler, etc ..)
    2) A person that is introducing people illegally into another country. (I think you call that”coyote” in the US.)
    Rick, now decide what you are ;)

  7. Guy

    im interested to see what size sale. 100k? 200k? more?
    you say not a seven figure sale.
    ive had many 5 figure sales, but never cracked the 6 figure range after all these years. i also have geo domains well into the 6 figure range in worth. just gotta wait it out
    congrats Rick


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