A 9 is a 9 is a 9 is a 9. Numbers don’t Lie, People do!

Morning Folks!

A 9 is a 9 is a 9 is a 9 and it will stay that way until the
end of time. A 9 is a 9 for me. A 9 is a 9 for you. A 9 is a 9 even if you are
not 9. A 9 is a 9 for everyone. Every person, every place. It does not
matter what language you speak, what party you are affiliated with, what religion you believe, what part of the planet you are on. A 9 is a 9. A 5 is a 5. It’s the one
piece of the universe that is constant. That is perfect. Numbers don’t lie,
people do. People with motives to make a 9 anything other than a 9. To be
frank, nothing pisses me off more than somebody bastardizing numbers to suit
their own purpose. We have witnessed the greatest bastardization of numbers
since dirt came to earth and folks, we are all going to pay dearly for this. Don't believe me, believe the damn numbers if you have enough balls to actually do the math and follow the bouncing ball.

I tried to do a little math on my iphone calculator today.
It crashed it each and every time. My old calculator can’t handle the numbers
either. But I am a numbers guy. I can still do it long hand. I can also attach
a meaning to what we are all going through. My friends, the numbers don’t work,
we are coming to a true crossroads. Don’t believe me, believe the numbers.
Numbers don’t lie people do. Politicians do. Stock brokers do. Accountants do. Banks
do. And when you find out that they all lied, it is YOU that will be hosed. It is you that has already been hosed.

I have thought long and hard this year. I have worked every angle. I have looked at things 1000 different ways. The numbers don't lie. Numbers are my friends. I have come to the conclusion that income producing domain names are the single best asset on the planet. Not a one better including gold. No matter what happens to the dollar or the euro or any other currency or political unstability or war, income producing domains have no equal. None. It is the single best hedge against whatever is to come. It may fluctuate, that is what markets do, but I don't see greater safety in any other single asset at this moment in time. Of course the rules can and will change and your assets will and have become targets. But they are targets for the very reason I have stated. It is the electronic gold of this century and your #1 JOB is to protect your booty.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz