Do you Believe in Rainbows? Have you Ever Been to the End of One?

Morning Folks!!

It was 1981. It was out west. Utah I think. I was driving on
a meandering road with my girlfriend at the time, Chrissie. There was a rainbow
in the distance, but it was getting closer. Vivid as any rainbow I had ever
seen. The road meandered and curved and the land was flat. That rainbow was
getting damn close. Oh my, I was there. Right in the midst of the end of that
rainbow. The blue dashboard I had on my car was now sizzling and dazzling in all types of
colors. Like nothing I had ever seen. Like nothing I have seen since. It did not last long, but it was a solid
10 seconds. Maybe 15. I was jumping up and down in my seat. It was truly an
unbelievable moment. Many don’t believe me when I tell them this story. I swear
to you and everyone reading that I was truly at the end of a rainbow and I
testify that is what happened. I have yet to meet somebody else that has
actually been at the end of one, but there is no doubt that some have and I
look forward to hearing their testimony as well.

So you can choose to believe me or not, I have no control. I
can just state the facts. As for Chrissie, she did not last long after that
event. She was not impressed by being at the end of the rainbow nor could she
grasp my excitement. So I guess I
divide the universe into those that believe in rainbows and those that don’t.
Those that believe in magic and those that don’t. Those that believe in themselves and those that don't.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz