90 Days of Fury and then…………

Morning Folks!!

The next 90-120 days will be absolutely furious. Perhaps the
single best business environment I have ever seen. There will be more companies
that are “All in” at one time than ever before in the history of civilization.

“Rick! How the hell can you make these outlandish statements
with no facts to back you up?”

It’s easy, it is just a FACT that has yet to happen and just
because the experts can’t see it does not mean I have to be blind to it. This
is going to happen just like the sun will rise tomorrow. That is what my gut
says and I listen to my gut not Paine Webber, not some 'Expert' not some government official, not someone with a motive, not someone selling stock, etc. etc. etc. My gut.

Of course this is just half the story. The other half is
what happens in 2010. Those that go “All in”. Some will win, some will lose,
there will be many more losers.
Some big ones will topple. So what is coming is a last effort at success
for many. And even if they gain success for themselves, it may be short lived
as new taxes and other headwinds will start to play a large role in things. So
survival even in 2010 does not guarantee survival after that.

One thing I have maintained is these jobs that have been
lost for the most part will never come back. That is something we have not
dealt with for a very long time and the only way out is to retrain the
population to do 21st century jobs. Dig ditches or learn to build a website. I see a second crisis in housing. What happens when folks owe $500k on their house and the same house across the street is selling for $250k and has more upgrades? What percent will walk away? It's coming.

But the point of this post is to let you know that the
single greatest window of opportunity in MY lifetime is opening and it won’t be
open long. Just look back at my posts during the past 12-14 months. It explains
the things we have gone thru and each step of the way was a guide to be ahead
of the curve. To see what I saw coming around the bend. I have maintained that
through these bad times would produce great opportunity. The greatest of
opportunities. Most are blind to this. Just don’t see it. But we are here on
the doorstep. The period we are entering is one to take notice of. Take notice
because you will never see it again in your lifetimes. I have a knack for
spotting “Unique Opportunities in Time.” This is one of them. A very short
window but a life changing window. A window that will come crashing down this
winter and beyond.

Participate or sit on the sidelines. Just don’t say you didn’t
know or understand. There is not one person reading my blog that should not
walk away from this period as a big winner. It may not be visible today, but
make sure when you look back to 2009 that you can point to at least one thing
that absolutely changed your life. DO NOT walk away from 2009 and this Fall empty handed. Way
too many treasures out there and only the ones that don’t believe it won’t find

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz