URGENT! Is Google Adsense closing up Minisites and others? NO NOTICE! BEWARE!

Good Afternoon Folks!!

I will be working on a major post for next week. It is a post to pay close attention to. The sites I had closed were created by different companies. About ten sites, 3 different companies that produced them. I paid TENS of thousands of dollars for them. Three were not minisites. One site I had online for 9 years. BE ON NOTICE! No warning whatsoever from Google. No appeal. No discussion. No nothing. They just pulled the plug, denied access to my account and you may be next. No biggie to me it's chump change. But what if YOU have thousands of sites, tens of thousands? More? No recourse whatsoever. NONE!

Rick Schwartz

Welcome to over 36,000 new Readers! Welcome Consumer. Time to SoundOff

Morning Folks!!

First of all this is no accident. You are here for a reason and I will explain right now. Calm down, I promise I won't waste one moment of your time. First, why are you here? Please let me know below. Did you type in TheKing.com? I am sure I disappoint, but destiny is a funny thing so don't leave yet. What you are about to learn is Top Secret! As in TopSecret.com

Over 100,000 people a day type in my domain names on the browser bar. They, like you, are looking for something specific. Something you might not of found with search because of all the spamming and high cost of traffic. I am an expert on traffic on the Internet. Oil fuels a car and traffic fuels the Internet. No traffic and you have nothing.

Did you type in JointVentures.com and end up here? Or one of the other domains I own? Want to know why? I own this great domain name that represents a very large industry. 15-25 people a day type jointventures.com into their browser bar and end up at my Pay Per Click (PPC) page. But guess what? I make no money! The PPC seldoms pays me anything. But I know you folks are real, that you folks have value and you folks are looking for something specific. You are not doing this for your health. Every day of the year 15-25 people come to look for something specific. Something Google and Yahoo still need to figure out. So it is obvious you are looking for something and just not finding it. So I want to talk to you the surfer. The typer. The folks that sometimes make me a lot of money. The folks stores think are not real.

I also want to talk to the businessman that is losing business. I have your customers locked up right here. You will pay for crap and the real folks are here and they are pissed!

53,000 people type in my Porno.com EVERY SINGLE DAY! Enough to fill many ballparks around the country. You folks have great value but advertisers don't believe it. They don't understand that people that look for adult also buy cars, homes, toothpaste, food, liquor, gamble, go on vacations and have spending power that is above average not below average. Sound off!

Whore.com, Slut.com and I can go on and on. You are all here.

Another domain I have is Homemade.com. 400-500 people a day (YOU) come to Homemade.com. But you are only worth less than a penny each. Lol That is what I get if I am lucky. But you have much more value! So I decided to talk to you directly. (Now there is a site just for you)

TheKing.com comes here. I know you are not looking for me and I know it probably makes you unhappy to find me, but hopefully you will do some reading and find a world you never even knew existed. My Grandfather was the “Hosiery King” back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Just following in his footsteps as the 'Domain King'.

Which domain did you come here on? See I am sick of selling you folks for a few lousy pennies to search engines that don’t appreciate you anyway. You are worth much more than that. You are very valuable. The Ivory Tower folks don’t get it. They are still clueless into what makes some traffic (YOU THE VISITOR) more valuable than others. Basically you are looking for information or to buy something. But you are real, not invisible. Not worthless.

If you typed in RickSchwartz.com you may be looking for one of the 750,000 results Google lists as matches. I hope I am the Rick Schwartz you are looking for. Probably not. But I am the easiest Rick Schwartz in the entire world to find and I never met a Rick Schwartz that I did not like.

Each day I am going to plug in more and more domains that have many thousands of visitors but don’t make money and together we are going to find out why. Pretty exciting?? Ok, not for you, but definitely for me. If I tried this little experiment years ago it just would not work. But today the surfer gets it much better than the retailers who in large part fail the consumer by having a crappy site or telling you to call them after you place an order. They don’t realize that you went on the net to begin with so you would not have to deal with some mindless person at the cash register or calling their 800 number. They would rather lose the sale than actually picking up the phone themselves and calling you.

Did you type in 399.com? Hundreds of you do each day. They say you are Chinese. They also say you have no monetary value because the domain earns nothing. What do you say? Translation coming soon.

How about eGold.com?? As many as 1500 people a day type in that domain especially with the gold so incredibly hot these days. But it is time to talk directly to you as well. You seem to have more value to me than actual gold companies. I see them on TV day and night, but the 1500 a day that come here are just not worth their attention. That is a real DUH! Don’t ya think? Are you looking for gold? I also realize you may be looking for something else. Maybe what you just found is more valuable than what you were looking for to begin with.

Maybe you typed in the domain because Google and Yahoo just failed you. All the results are those paid results or guys just misleading or spamming the engines. Something drove you to type in that domain on the browser bar. My question to you, what was it? Thanks for your time! Want more?? Check out my eRealEstate.com site that has been online for well over a decade!

I may send you somewhere else today or tomorrow or whenever I feel like it. Just remember RicksBlog.com to stay in touch.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz