Let me Introduce you to a Dead Man.

Morning Folks!!

Kindred spirit? Maybe. Possibly. Probably. Definitely!!

Want to know what we might have done if we were out there doing this sort of thing 50 years ago? Well let me introduce you to Mel Simon. He just died but we all know him and most never heard of him. He changed how we live and he changed how we shop. He did not invent the mall but he certainly took it to another level. He changed how we do business and most of all where we do it. He changed our social behavior. He gave folks a destination and filled it with everything they may need. Bottom line, he changed the world. Many of you were in one of his properties within just the last days. Maybe this very moment.

The man with a small dream and a very big result. All of us follow in his footsteps and some like Jeff Bezos just take it to the next level.

2009 is a tough year. Just be sure to do something GREAT before it ends! Make sure your greatest success comes in 2009. Mel had a lot less to work with and in much tougher days.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz