Only Failures can Succeed. Why Failing is the path to Great Success.

Morning Folks!!

Many people get upset and lash out when they are forced to
think. When they are forced to look at what they are doing. When we have a failure. We are brainwashed in school that failure is bad. But failure is the only path to success that I know. I hope to fail a dozen times today. With each failure comes the silver lining of knowledge that turns failure into success. That knowledge may be known to all others that have had the same failure or you may have found a unique failure. A unique failure can become a great success.

Let’s back up. How
many hundreds of millions of sites are there? How many billions or trillions of pages are there? So out
of all these millions and millions and millions, and billions and billions how many have had a strickly
online success and had a business do more than $10 million annually? Even $1
million annually? How many?? What is the percentage? We all know the answer. It
is miniscule. It can't even be measured. That is a HIGH mountain to climb. Then it is how high do you want
to climb and how many fall to their demise on the climb? These are all
questions to ask. What we are all doing is searching for answers and
formulas that work and create a spark. Most of us have our basic foundational formula in place, but it is
about the second act. The third act. Orville and Wilbur knew they wanted to
fly. They failed every day of their life in that achievement, until they didn’t
fail. Probably everyone told them to buy a horse or one of those new horseless
carriages. They searched for a
formula. Each little success was one step forward. Each little failure was one
step forward. Both can have great value if you job is to eliminate things and
focus on others.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz