Is Search Traffic Always Good to Have?

Evening Folks!!

Here is something I doubt many will agree with. But here
goes. I go out of my way NOT to get search engine traffic. Sorry, but I am
looking for something completely different, much bigger and search inhibits that information
at this stage of the game.

See what I try to do is start with a domain with
100-500 daily type ins. What I want is growth because something on the site
sparked them to come back or tell somebody or list somewhere. That to ME is the
goal. The search traffic clouds that information over at this point. That is fine later on, but in my pea brain, not at this stage. On the otherhand when I have no traffic on a domain I would do the opposite. All you have is search or your own links etc.

My goal is never to have a “Spike” in traffic. It is to
latch on to something that shows growth and THEN worry about stuff like that.
So I come at things a different way. I am not saying it is right. I am saying
it is the method that I employ and use. If I have a domain getting 2 visitors every day, my goal is to bring it to 4. It's not easy. I don't want 23 visitors from search. Not yet. I want to figure out the formaula to grow the traffic from 2 to 4. From 500 to 1000. Once that can be done THEN search traffic becomes important because it can accelerate your growth. But it accelerates because you have a formula, a business, a product, a service.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: I should have said I doubt 'ANYBODY' will agree with me. But from most f the responses, you folks completely missed my point. You focused on the wrong part of the post imo. Which is more important, meaningful,and long lasting, 1 match to make a fire, 50 matches to make 50 fires or the knowledge to make fire without the matches? Also, this post is not about 'Advice.' It is to share a concept that I employ. Right or wrong. And for the record. I am probably the worst person on the net to develop. But I developed the original TRAFFIC site's content with the great and unselfish help of Mike Fiol who created the original site, logo and navigation which has taken in more than $25 Million between the show and booking hotel rooms. It has had 3 versions besides Mike's original site and layout. By 3 developers. Michelle Miller when she was working with Browser Media. Danny Prior, on the last version and now the Skezno team. But the content and almost every word written came from me. I worked on it every day year after year. Websites are never finished. they evolve. But it is NOT about the site. It is not about search. It is about the BUSINESS. Each element is important. The website, the navigation of the website, the look, the feel and finally the thing that trumps everything else, the product, the business. Sorry, but search is last not first in my book. I could make a case that websites are a waste of time. Build businesses, not websites. That is truly the missing ingredient. Lastly, it also depends what you are looking for. If you are satisfied with a domain making $1/day, $10/day, $100/day, $1000/day that is all well and good. But the truly big money is not there. That's just the foundational money to buy you the luxury of time. Finally, which has more value to YOU. 10 visitors from search or 10 visitors from 'Word of Mouth' advertising? I'll take the latter EVERY single time. So I would rather focus there. Oh I forgot, many don't include 'Word of Mouth' as an option in this new era. But it still is king!