What Grade is the Universe in? Internet Grade? Where Exactly are we?

Morning Folks!!

What grade is the universe in? Internet grade?

See, we are the founders. The professors. The originators. The first to embrace the net on a daily basis and make our lives revolve and evolve
around it. But we have had a tremendous head start. The key is always timing
and so the question to ask is when do the masses reach where we are? First, the
answer is probably never. But they will end up somewhere along our path. We
just don’t know the degree. In some cases, maybe many cases, they may eventually
exceed us. But the focus of this post is the masses.

Ok, the masses now know how to email. That only took about
10 years. Then the past 5 years have been a bit more engaging with Facebook and
Twitter. Plus lots of research on Google and Yahoo and now Bing. So folks are
using and engaging and exploring and building and blogging and sharing and
contacting and reaching out and a lot of other ands. Many do this with the TV in the backround. But the point of all this,
the Internet has finally been unleashed. The economy accelerated this more than
any one thing anyone else can do. The masses are now looking at the mountain,
exploring that mountain and spending more and more time dwelling on how to
expoit that mountain.

It takes a recession to make things like this occur. Just
like 2003 was a turning point, so will 2009/2010. When folks became unemployed this time, they did not run to
the newspaper. They did not run to the personel office. They did not run to a
head hunter. They ran to the Internet. They stayed on the Internet. They networked on the Internet. This just shows the vivid and very quick
change in habits. Something that could take 10-20 years was condensed into
10-20 MONTHS. When you recognize things like this you can get slightly ahead of things and do very well. You can chase what happened yesterday. You can try and catch what is happening today. But the real trick is figuring out what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year, next decade and be there before the masses. Be there before the CEO's. Be there before as many folks as possible. Be there FIRST!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz