Chopard and Christie’s in the Adult Business?? Oral Sex? You Betcha!

Morning Folks.

This post is courtesy of my wife who found this little gem last night. When does mainstream hit PUBERTY?? When does mainstream figure out that ALL of their customers have SEX!? May even TALK DIRTY!? Engage in NUDE activities!? OH MY!! What would Mrs Kravitz say? Imagine, Mrs Kravitz is in charge of marketing for the entire Internet!? You don't know who Mrs. Kravitz is? I guess that is part of the problem. Lack of important history. Mrs. Kravitz was the busy body next door in the 1960's TV show 'Bewitched.' This BITCH, could just never mind her own business, judged everyone and was everyone's nightmare of a next door neighbor.

The absolutely silliness and hypocrisy displayed by the TECHIES and adopted by everyone else without so much as a thought. Mrs. Kravitz must be in heaven! SHE is in charge. This is exactly how Mrs. kravitz would have handed it. Must be someone related.

Only on the Internet is there this “Iron Curtain” between
adult and mainstream. In this post I am going to show you how foolish this all
is. The absolute stupidity of it all. What JERKOFF made this rule that people follow more than going to Church on Sunday?

So this post is about an auction atChristie’s, one of the
most respected auction houses in the world and Chopard, one of the world’s
leading watch makers in business for some 150 years and making watches that sometimes go for many millions.

On this $40k white gold watch that was auctioned off back in
2007, it shows a beautiful, well endowed woman on her knees giving a BLOW JOB to a man. Apparently the
tick tock simulates up and down on his SHAFT! Nice touch.


Now if these 2 fine companies can manufacture, sell and promote nude people, BLOW JOBS, tits, on their watches and in their auctions, then it is time for mainstream to grow
up. Unless of course their parents never engaged in sex which would explain

So not everyone that buys toothpaste watches porno. However everybody that watches porno buys toothpaste. Stop making moral judgements and DO BUSINESS!! Imagine if stores in the mall did the same thing as they do on the web? They would be out of business. 'Oh Mr. Schwartz, we can't sell you that $150k Mercedes Benz because you just came from a TITTIE BAR!' 'Come back tomorrow and make sure you don't look at any tits first, have sex, get an errection or anything else that has any sexual overtones or connotations whatsoever.'

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz