FORECLOSING on the Deal with

Morning Folks!!

The road to hell is paved with good intentioned
people. Everyone generally enters an agreement with honorable intentions. But
even the best of intentions lead to failure the great majority of time once
lawyers get involved or business heads south. So the contract is the only thing that protects you and
if that contract is not rock solid, clear and concise, it is worthless. If the
contract does not protect the domain owner from unforeseen peril, it is
worthless and eventually you will have a really good chance of losing your
domain without the other party fulfilling their obligations. I have seen that
happen too many times to count and no way would I become a victim of that. The power to walk away from a bad contract is the greatest power in business.

Our lawyers couldn't agree on terms that would
protect the interests of both parties (Especially mine) and so I had to pull
the plug on the deal earlier this month. I was not going to sign a contract
that did not state EXACTLY the procedure for return of the domain in case of
default. That did not have a FAIL SAFE built in like I do on the deal. In that deal it was easy to accomplish. It should be easy. In this deal, it sank
the ship and I refused to go along for the ride. And why should I?? BYE BYE! NEXT!

So there it is. Unfortunate but may be a blessing
in disguise. As you can see we are working hard on and will be
introducing Sub-domains and other long term strategies as we move forward.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz