My “Friend” is Ben Franklin. That’s Who”I” Do Business With. Who is YOUR”Friend”?

Morning Folks!!

If your 'Friend' costs you 50% of your earnings, is that a friend? Some, even many, let their personal friendships decide their
domain placements. We all have friends and relationships. Of course you want to
do business with the folks you like and the folks you get along with. Not everything is about money. However, business IS ABOUT MONEY! So my best friend in business is Ben Franklin. Who is yours? I will
defer to his wisdom and his testing ability to decide how and who to do
business with.

IStock_000004647450XSmall IMG_0068 No Room for Family Pic.
Don't let your friends squeeze out your family

One of the things I like to pride myself on is finding out
the strengths and weaknesses of each program out there. I test. I test. I test.
I test a lot. It costs me a LOT of money to conduct these tests. But that is
how you learn. That is how you find your guiding light. That is how you find
out things your “Friends” don’t want you to find out. Most work on a loyalty
basis and not a business basis. It really is a balancing act. But at the end of
the day, Ben Franklin has to be there. For a few points, stay with your
friends. Not worth being a whore for 2%, 5%, 10%. But when you talk 25%, 50%,
100%, 400%, and more, well “My Friends” that is what I call a very COSTLY
FRIENDSHIP! What would you call it? And if you don't believe that the swings can reach those levels, that is because you are clueless and have failed to test to find the truth. It's no big deal to pay money and get laid. It is a big deal to pay money to have a 'Friend'.

So is the well being of your family more important or are your 'Friends' more important? Ben Franklin is laughing his ass off on this one. He says 'Wake up Domainers.' You watched your incomes be sliced by 50%, 75%, 90%. Your FRIENDS have not been sliced that sharply! In some cases they have even had gains. All at YOUR EXPENSE! Some come one come all, defend your 'Friends'. I wonder how many expansion projects domainers have financed? We may be the biggest annonymous angel investors the world has known. Don't tell anyone. Not even yourself!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz