What Will Rio.com sell for at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.?? Win a Ticket to TRAFFIC South Beach 2010

Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am on record all over the place stating that 2009 will be a
record year for domain sales. I believe that the conditions will make it
actually blow the doors off of pervious years. We won’t know until January, but
I want to be crystal clear in what I see. I mean BLOW THE DOORS OFF!

Now, as for the TRAFFIC auctions, I was hoping to quietly
look at a couple of domains. Let me be on record as saying there is some major
gem in there. There are some bargains in there. I believe at least one domain
will go for over 7 figures.

What everyone thought would be a lack luster auction in New
York is going to turn into a battle royale. Two good companies each with some
major headlining domains. Like in cards, we are about to see where the power is
in the industry. Not as far as the
auction companies, but as far as the domainers bidding. I think we will walk
away with some real HUGE deals. REAL excitement. Folks will be coming out of
their chairs on a few of the names that will go up. Wanna know why?? Low
reserves = higher selling prices. High reserves scare people off. The auction
process is one that needs to be trusted. The bidding is likely to be the most
active in several years.

I anticipate a battle for Rio.com. That baby is going to fly
over 7 figures. I would imagine this is going to be the single biggest bidding
war we have ever seen for any domain in the history of our auctions. That is
what I see. I don’t think anyone reading this would not value Rio.com higher
than $1M. I expect many folks to be bidding on this. I would advise those interested to team up if they hold any
chance of walking away with this domain.

So what do you say? What will Rio.com go for? The closest guess gets a free ticket to TRAFFIC 2010 in South Beach that we will be announcing in New York. Will be the first one registered for the event.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz