The iPhone Revolution. Why Blackberry is DEAD. Why PC will Suffer.

Morning Folks!!

Blackberry Dead?? Those are fighting words you say!!! Ok, LET'S RUMBLE! Blackberry IS dead. And, if it isn't dead, it certainly is light years behind and will never catch up. I have owned 3 Blackberry's. Still have an active Blackberry Storm. What a piece of CRAP! What a JOKE! What a waste of TIME!

I have written a couple of posts about the iPhone and what a
game changer it will be and has become. If you are still use your Crackberry,
let me clue you in. If I give you a list of 5 simple tasks, the iPhone can do
all 5 while stopped at a red light. The Blackberry, well on December 19th
it will be one YEAR trying to do the same 5 tasks.

The iPhone is the single biggest game changer in the
computer industry since the PC. It is the biggest change in telephones since
Alexander Grahm Bell invented it. I could go on but why bore you. Let’s cut to
the chase, it is the most important tool and device that I own.

Let’s see what has happened in the last 2 years since the
iPhone came out and there were lines at every store that were hours long. For
many, me included, it was the first time I was in an Apple store. To this day,
go to the mall, there is only one store that is packed from the minute they
open to the minute they close and that is Apple. But that is hardly the story.

I said in my first post about the iPhone that it would
change the PC market and increase the share Apple has. Is there any doubt about
that now?? I believe they will go from 7% of the market to over 25% of the
market in the next couple years.

But forget about all that. Forget about the 100,000 new
apps. Forget that billions are being downloaded. Forget about everything. But
it is still the biggest winner to EVER come out on the market. If you do not
have an iPhone, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? If you company gives you
a Blackberry, spring for an iPhone yourself. You’ll kick yourself for not
having one before. The iPhone is not a game changer. It is a LIFE changer. A
HUGE life changer.

Anyway, there is iPhone and there is everything else. Don’t
CHEAT yourself for another day. RUN and get one. I promise it will change your
life, the way you work and save you time and make you 100x more efficient. This
is the single greatest tool ever invented by man. And like I said in my
original post, it took 150 years for the phone to evolve to this.

Having a Blackberry is like being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic while iPhone users are in the express lane just flying along. When do you get frustrated enough to make the jump?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz