Domains, SEO Spamming, The Past, The Future, The Changes and other Sunday Ramblings.

Morning Folks!!

I bought domains because I was not smart enough or talented enough to get search engine traffic. Ignorance is a great thing sometimes! I bought domains because I did not want to spend a LIFETIME spamming search engines with misleading CRAP to get traffic. I bought domains because that was a non ending stream of traffic that could actually grow over time. I bought domains because it was a unique opportunity in time and those that did not see it missed the greatest gold rush in the history of mankind. I bought domains because in the future nothing would be so important or meaningful on a worldwide marketing basis. I bought domains because it was the greatest resovoir of customers, buyers, consumers, business people and on and on with virtually no limit ever to come to be. Where else can one domain produce 40,000 visitors a day for $8 a YEAR??? $8 divided by 14 million annual visitors. Let the bean counters figure out the cost on that one.

Now let's look at my SEO abilities. I have none. Zippo. I don't believe in a lot of the nonsense. I think relevance is the key. Popularity. Many other factors. So I believe SEO spamming actually can do harm. I think growing your business is the best way to get that ranking.

Now I will piss some folks off and they will try and undermine my listings but I don't really care as it is not going anywhere I truly make a profit. But if you type in 'Rick Schwartz' in Google I am #1 out of 750,000. If you type 'Domain King' you will see the same thing. But then I took it a step further. Where was I if I typed in 'Schwartz'? 26 million results and again #1.

Now there are still names I have yet to type in that I may rank high. 'Asshole' may be one some would agree on. Maybe one of the SEO guys can get me up to #1? ;-)

To be honest, I was always a bit jealous of singers. They sang and marketed their name and nobody can ever take that away. In my case I can't sing and while I always marketed my name in way or another, I marketed my companies or company I worked for name much more.

Many think domains have had their golden day and traffic is going down etc etc. Well in some cases they could be right. However if you look at the BIG picture, traffic, audience share, in the future is just getting harder and harder to attract and that is why you are seeing so many outrageous things going on. It's all gimmicks to defend a shrinking audience base in traditional media. That means the cost of doing business is going up. The cost of gaining new customers is going up. The cost of breaking out of the crowd is going up. That means that domains and traffic will become more and more in demand regardless of the current conditions. That soapbox is getting harder and harder to be heard no matter how big you are. No matter how big your megaphone is. What was once 3 channels competing for your eyes, ABC, NBC, CBS is now infinite. Infinity is killing these folks. What started in 2000 and 2001 is finally completing itself in 2009/2010. They were successful in delaying the inevitable. But they no longer have the power to stem the tide. What we are about to see is the greatest shakeout of business and industry in the history of the world. The greatest shift in power that the world has ever seen. The rules of yesterday will no longer be valid in many cases.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: Did a search for 'Rick' and got 83 million results. I was #3. Beaten out by Rick's Caberet and owned by Legendary DJ Rick Dees. So much for and Missed those. Had to settle for lol

PS: And now the POWER of the domain name. I looked up 'The King' I am nowhere to be found which is no surprise. Of course people like Elvis, MJ, Martin Luther King and Burger King appear. My link to them? I own which redirects right to this blog. Take those 6 degrees of separation and reduce to 1.