The TRICK of turning Social Media into Profitable Commercial Enterprises

Morning Folks!!

I write this blog for you. The reader, the surfer, the
pioneer, the lost, the searchers, anyone looking for just a little more. I also
write this blog for myself. I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper. I guess that
is a last century term. Putting thoughts on paper. I guess now just filing
thoughts for the future and the past. I blogged before there was a name for it.
It started in 1996. I made a post each and every morning and what was unusual
at that time was that I actually used my own name.

ButOwen keeps finding stuff I wrote years ago. Yesterday he
found one and it is one of the most basic of posts and thoughts to me back a
decade ago when there was no domain industry and so few saw what I did.

I do have some of my oldest posts locked away in one of my
computers. I talked numbers and facts and dollars and futures and pasts and
everything in between. When I started this blog it was an attempt to get my
thoughts out there in a more formal method and be able to keep track of them,
be on record and then see how things actually unfold.

The following is perhaps one of my best pieces. Short,
sweet, to the point and accurate in a day a decade ago that few saw what we do.

'The reason I say this is there are so many facets of a
domain name. It has the face value. It has the value with the mineral rights in
the form of traffic. It is a collectible like stamps, coins, art, baseball
cards. They are real estate on a scale never known before. They are power in a
way that has yet to be fully exploited. They are TV stations. They are
magazines. They are soap boxes. They are an advantage on many fronts. They are
a permanent direct mail piece. They are almost anything you want them to be and
so much more. You are an instant broadcaster able to compete with the likes of
NBC, ABC, BBC, and all the rest. Your domain can create a situation to capture
more eyeballs than all the TV stations put together.'
~~ Rick Schwartz 1999

When I envisioned
the Internet, I envisioned a new media that would or could give every person a soapbox and a megaphone that could and would equal the most powerful.
was one domainI really wanted. As you will see one of TRAFFIC’S past speakers
owns it now.

So I hope the folks that did not see the wisdom of having Steve Forbes, Ben Stein, Barbara Corcoran, (And there were many) I hope these folks will reserve judgement until they see what unfolds and THEN question the wisdom of having Rick Sanchez join a great list of TRAFFIC speakers. Each one offering us a little something. Each time we left with more than we came. If you understand this post than you will understand where we are going with this. If you can't grasp the notion that the trick is turning social media into profitable commercial media, then I guess we will have to agree to disagree until you figure out at the show and agree. :-)

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz