The Power of a TINY Decision. Why”Decisions” Determine your Life Quality

Morning Folks!!

I think the #1 flaw folks make is not making good
SMALL decisions. I believe life is about decisions. Nothing else. Good
decisions = good life, good things and the residue is luck and your proper destiny. Bad
decisions = not so good life, not so good things, and the reside is BAD LUCK
and an uncertain negative destiny.

But I also believe that the smallest decisions are
just as big and just as important as the big ones. A decision is a decision. A
good decision always does no harm and sometimes pays dividends. A bad decision always causes pain. You may
not see it right then, but sure as stepping in shit in a dog park, you are
gonna have something happen that is unexpected and not in your favor at some point in the future. So EVERY
decision is important. EVERY decision counts to the final end. The tiniest
decision can have the most major impact. A Tiny piece of sand in a ball bearing can bring the largest machine to a screetching and painful halt. People may even say you are making a
big deal of something tiny. But
those are the MASSES that don’t understand. The higher you get on the ladder,
the less folks understand because most folks accept and embrace mediocrity. They
do this every time they make a decision without considering ALL the aspects and
consequences of that decision. ALL. If they don't, they are 'Mentally lazy' and 'Inconsiderate of others'. They are just lazy because once you train
yourself to do this it takes a split second in most cases. Maybe a few seconds.
Maybe a minute. The harder the decision, the more time and care you need to
apply. Some decisions can take years. Marriage for example. But life is made up of tiny decisions,
small decisions, sometimes with great impact if you hurt somebody’s feelings
with your lack of thought and consideration. That is what a decision is.
Besides what it does for you, how does it affect others. The unfortunate part is MOST people don’t
think the small decisions count. That is like having a boat and saying you don’t
care about 1001 small leaks. But it only takes a few small leaks to sink a
ship. To make you life not as good as it could or should be. But YOU are the
only one that can control that process. Do it with great care and you will get
great things. Not every time and don’t expect to see it right then. The impact
of any of your decisions are not usually seen right away. The decision to fly
back from Los Angeles that night has had an impact to this very day. One
decision. One moment. Lasting a lifetime. One decision. So the point is, don’t
be afraid to make decisions. Just make the best one you can make at the time
and the way you do that is considering all the options, all the fallout, all
the consequences and finally, all the benefits.

So when I see folks that don’t understand these
things, I know they will always be their worst enemy. Nothing I can do or
anyone can do to inflict more pain on an ongoing basis. Bad decisions are what
prisons are made up of. Some were just stupid bad decisions. Most were
intentional bad decisions.

Life is air, water, food and decisions. What does this have to do with domains? Are you really sitting there and asking a question like that??
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz