Rick to have his First Domain Auction? Ladies.org, Brides.net. Men.net…….

Morning Foks!!

Everyone knows I am a dotcom kinda guy. I focus on dot com
domains. As I was prospecting and speculating there were a number of domains
that were taken in dotcom so I would register a .net or a .org so I would have
something that was still of value and was generally one word, sometimes two.
But because the dotcom versions were all gone or I already owned it, I would
get the next best thing that was
still meaningful and could have an audience. When I did, they were generally
pretty damn good. For years I have
debated and argued my feeling about .net and .org. Some agree, many do not. But
hey that is why they have many flavors of ice cream. Different toppings on
pizza and all the rest.

So later this year I plan to sell or auction off some or all
of the following domain names. Most if not all have traffic and revenue. But
they are not my focus and it is time to parlay these, so I can reinvest in the
domains I need to fill in and strengthen what I have at greatly discounted
prices. I already bought more domains this year than the last 2 years combined.
I described why in a previous post. Even better values are coming. If you are
in a strong cash position, you are set to do very well.

So my business plan will never look like any other domainer.
It is unique to me and so is everyone reading this plan as theirs are unique to
them. Some folks have a hard time
facing and accepting that. We are dealing in unique assets, and while we have
similarities, we also have more unique plans than any other sector. So nobody
has to do it my way or your way or their way. We all have the freedom to choose
the way we like it and if some don’t like it, I guess they have to say so. I
just do the same thing I started doing in 1996. I share my path. What is
working for me. What I am finding out. Your path has to be different. Different
time, different ages, different goals, different agendas and unique assets. How
could they possibly be the same?

So when I go thru my portfolio, these are what I would call
my “Orphan domains.” Does not mean
they don’t have great value. Obviously they do as many folks focus on .net or
.org these days. But it is not my focus. I will let the market decide value. Let’s look at it as a car
collection. I may focus on Mint condition Corvettes, but along the way I bought
some Mustangs and Camaros and a
t-bird without the hardtop. All have great value. But I focus on Corvettes and
would rather unlock the value of those other brands so I can add some more vettes.
Pretty simple and straight forward. I don’t know what they will go for. The market decides and I have faith that they will sell for enough to cover at
least a few other purchases or trade for what will fortify my portfolio while
others are fortifying theirs.

I am announcing it now as I expect to gather several end
users by the fall. I have a mission. We have a mission. We all talk about end
users but we each have a responsibility to reach that end user. For my part, I
am going to focus on Ladies.org and Brides.net to find end users. I see this as
fertile territory. Many Ladies organizations to target and same with brides and
bridal houses. This is the first time I am being proactive with a sale. Until
now I don’t usually reach out and try and sell domains, I simply respond to the
selected offers and emails I get. But again, it is all in the timing. I could
have done this a decade ago and walked away with $500. Like I tell most of the
folks that want my 3 digit domains, as soon as the market reaches $50k or more I will consider selling them. I could
have sold them for $500 a decade ago. $5000 3 years ago. $25,000-$50,000 today.
So if you want 235.com, no problemo, just come back when the market reaches my
number if I don’t adjust higher by then which is somewhat likely.

The following are all the .nets and .orgs I have accumulated
along the way and may part with before the end of the year.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz


30 thoughts on “Rick to have his First Domain Auction? Ladies.org, Brides.net. Men.net…….

  1. James

    I can hear the pitch now to a ladies organisation;
    “so, you’re not interested in ladies.org? I got bitch.org too….no? Whores.net?…”

  2. Simon

    At first I was surprised to read this list of domains. But the more I thought about it, both pawn and porn were the foundation for many people back then.
    Best of luck with the sale Rick. I’m sure they will go very well.

  3. Dean

    Nice list.
    Interesting, the part about holding out for your price, I tend to agree.
    I think there is a maturation cycle for domains and just like a fine wine some get better with age and others turn to vinegar if you hold on to them too long.
    I guess it’s like any market knowing when to sell is critical.
    For the novice investor, the crux becomes hanging on to that domain that you believe in and have vested time and money into knowing it make take 4-5 years maybe more to mature.
    Having fluidity in capital becomes critical and almost like a race against time. This is where developing seems like the next logical step?

  4. Leonard Britt

    The nice thing about exact-match .Net domains is that the search engines tend to rank them well with the proper development and backlink effort. Of course monetizing a website with search traffic is more involved than a parking program. CTRs for Adsense and affiliates are much lower than parking. Of the group I like Brides.net the best.

  5. curious

    how will you conduct the auction Rick?
    software on your own site?
    with sedo, at traffic?

  6. Morgan

    Great post Rick and some very nice domains there!
    Congrats – and as always, looking forward to hearing about your latest projects!

  7. ass-kissers

    Why do you guys keep kissing Rick’s ass?
    He is not trying to help you here. Rick is trying to sell you suckers his pigeon shit worthless domains that doesnt have any traffic nor make any money…and you guys are falling for his pigeon shit!
    If you guys think those domain names are any good, you guys deserve to lose money!
    Rick is a very lucky guy…he can take a shit and put it in a bag and sell it to you guys for $100 and you guys would still line up to buy it!

  8. Rick Schwartz

    I thought you stopped posting here? Folks, the ASSHOLE known as”ass-kissers” in this thread and MULTIPLE anon names in other threads is none other than Anunt. Yup, ANUNT is the piece of crap dogging me anonymously on multiple threads. See, now the whole industry knows what a spineless person you are. I will be posting and IDENTIFYING you in EVERY thread so all know.
    Good job ASSHOLE! Now it is time to focus on you and your motives and your nasty ass shit day after day. Your problems. Your spamming of an industry for year after year for 2 or 3 crappy domains that nobody wanted. So you got a bad taste in your mouth for domains. EatShit.net is about right for you. Now move on before you piss me off and I go negative. Get lost.

  9. Steven

    When I was about 16 or so, I had a sort of teen angst blog called”The Shit”. I remember trying to register a domain for it and thinking”Damn it. Who the f$@# registered shit.org?”
    I guess you finally answered that question. =) Take care!

  10. LS Morgan

    Even thought he plural is a tad awkward, I still really, really like Mens.com.

  11. Scott Neuman

    Rick has a stalker??? Wish I could get rid of mine. Nice names that will rank well in the engines. .net or org or so what. If you see value in them, you’ll work them like any other land or mine and make money with them. Anyone see Juliens Michael Jackson auction last night. Appraisals for items in the $5000 range sold for $190000.00. Value is in the mind of the buyer.

  12. Bruce Tedeschi

    I like the shit names and I thought I would never hear myself say I like shit names. Good for you Rick… I have never met you but you seem like a straight forward, no-nonsense type of guy. Perhaps I will have the opportunity someday.

  13. The Real Jobs

    sux when people fuck with your head, especially when you rise to their defense in other blogs and forums and they turn around and try to be slick and post bullshit and derogatory idiotic comments aimed at you. You just have to fuck with their heads right back.

  14. Altaf

    Yup! Anunt prmised he will never come to this forum nor post any thing.He said bye! he is jelous that people respects you & appreciate,that does not mean ass-kissers. Now good that Anunt himself gives his anom name as ass-kissers.So We betterdo not say anything to him as we all unserstand his personality & his motives if he is not a lunatic yet!
    @Anunt, you claimed to be a philanthropist, then why do you use negative idotic posts? and try to hurt others? Be GOOD!! And Rick or anyone will identify you from your IP. It is very simple!

  15. Josh

    Will all porn be forced into .xxx domain space eventually? Regulators keep saying”no” but lawmakers are encouraging it. Possibly just a matter of time…

  16. iWebname

    I think .org domains will continue to increase in value, while .net domains will level out and ultimately lose value. That said, if anyone is interested Businesses.org is for sale for 12k.

  17. Your Name Sucks

    Businesses.org sucks. It is a terrible name and you are a fool and a loser.
    12K? You are dreaming and obviously never made a penny in this business.
    I would quit domaining right now if I shamed myself by asking for 12K for Businesses.org.
    Maybe you should try to get AIDS and be done with it. Waste of space.
    Response by Rick:
    I let ugly and nasty comments like this stand so you know what type of low life shit bums are among us in this business and it is YOUR JOB to shun and avoid them. Anonymous? Sometimes, sometimes you can figure out. The haters are why TRAFFIC was by invite only. Who wants to do business with a poster that would say something like that???? Just so you ALL know…..it is one of YOUR FRIENDS!!!
    WAY TO GO! When you laugh at a comment like this, it is the SAME as making it to begin with! See in MY PEA BRAIN, anyone that would associate with a person that had that much hate in their heart is not much better.

  18. Your Name Sucks

    I am still pissed about Businesses.org. What an awful, awful name.
    There is nothing worse than someone jumpin into a thread and making a comment and then throwing an essentially worthless name out there.
    “Oh, by the way, I have this worthless piece of dogshit that is available for 12K”

  19. Rick Schwartz

    I let ugly and nasty comments like the two above stand so you know what type of low life shit bums are among us in this business and it is YOUR JOB to shun and avoid them. Anonymous? Sometimes, sometimes you can figure out. The haters are why TRAFFIC was by invite only. Who wants to do business with a poster that would say something like that???? Just so you ALL know…..it is one of YOUR FRIENDS!!!
    WAY TO GO! When you laugh at a comment like this, it is the SAME as making it to begin with! See in MY PEA BRAIN, anyone that would associate with a person that had that much hate in their heart is not much better.

  20. 3wasDomain

    Bitch.org I wouldn’t mined that!”I’ve had it with you, you are going to be put on Bitch.org” ha-ha.
    Just wanted to let everybody know I bought http://www.fcku.mobi/ on ebay for $3. So I turned it into a hate .mobi comment site! LOL Your free to leave comments about mobi on it.

  21. George

    Hey Rick,
    Don’t get discouraged by the low life a@@holes that post here. There are many of us who appreciate and value your insights.
    Thanks again.

  22. Howdie Neudie

    Finally something sensible out of that babbling brook of a cakehole of yours. I and many others am am most certain can all agree that you definitely have a PEA BRAIN.
    Your names suck, your attitude sucks and you suck. Signed your friend

  23. domain guy

    this is a good idea the public culling of .net and orgs.
    the commets were interesting.@anunt has added revelant info to posts several yrs ago but not recently….negative posts contaminate the board.@yournamesucks conserning businesses.org is
    a sub par domain i do not see the need to state i hope you get aids.this could be a newbie domainer and needs to learn. concerning .nets they seem to be roughly 10% of .coms value. .org seems to be 1% of .coms value.there are exceptions poker.org went for 1 million and the buyer only purchased .orgs. each to their own.rick could put up some 3 diget .coms with a 50k mininum figure for domainers to evaluate and learn.if these negative commets continue board screening/signing in will become the norm in the future.we also need to hear ricks commets about .xxx this should be a second tier domain suffix but since the domain king focused on porno domains your insight would be interesting.also rick paid 12k for ass.com what happened to ass.net and .org?

  24. LS Morgan

    It’s one thing to dissent and disagree, it’s one thing to discuss and occasionally throw a barb, it’s another thing entirely to just post stupid, hateful bullshit for the sake of doing it.
    I’m all for criticism of whoever and if someone’s going to have a blog, they open themselves up to have their ideas criticized, but whoever keeps posting the flaming comments towards rick, please, move your game up a few (thousand) notches and at least be somewhat constructive.

  25. 3wasDomain

    Trolls and Griefers
    Trolls catch the attention of other users by posting obviously erroneous or inflammatory messages. Griefers disrupt an online community through psychological abuse and off-color postings. Tactics used by these individuals.
    Posting insults or profanity
    Posting slanderous or defamatory material
    Posting objectionable or inappropriate content, such as hate speech or disturbing images
    Habitually flaming other users(escalating arguments)
    Decreasing the signal to noise with off topic post
    Bullying other members
    They thrive on attention, attempting to stop a troll from abusing can start a vicious circle of increased abuse. The best strategy for making a troll go away is to ignore him. This is the dilemma, how do you prevent a determined creep from annoying users, without egging him on? A satisfied troll will always find a more cleaver way of annoying you. Trolls want attention onto themselves, without upsetting anyone to the point of taking real world action.

  26. Altaf

    Some names are still great like men.net, mens.com, or girls.net etc. We wish you good luck Rick !
    Those who could afford to buy must do it .
    Have a Great Day!!


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