iPhone 4 Arrives at my Door Early…..Yesterday! The Best Ever!

Morning Folks!!

What a pleasant surprise when my newest iPhone arrived a day
early. The FedEx guy said his truck was loaded up with them. No surprise here.

In late June of 2007 my life changed. 3 years later my
lifestyle has been revolutionized.
June 2007 was the release of the original iPhone. I paid $100 for
somebody to stand in line for me that day. The greatest single device ever IMHO has been at my side ever
since. I have gotten each improved release and getting it early was a really
nice perk.

The iPhone led me to the store. The store was the most
electric place I have ever been to in a mall. It is that way every time I pass
and everyone I know says the same thing. That led me to the MacBook Pro which I
have nothing bad to say about. Which led me to all the other goodies they make.
Of course I can talk about the iPad all day. It will change how we work and
play and do things. Yeah I know, you don’t agree. But that is okay, you say the
same thing about the iPhone. 50 million units later and with more billions of apps
downloaded than McDonalds sells hamburgers. Plus I am not an anomaly. So many folks I know have taken the same path and become
Apple customers all because of the iPhone.

The point is that a company that was on the canvas is now on
top of the world and they did it by being the best in every thing they do. You
have to admire, respect and enjoy a company like that and Apple lost many
battles, but now it is clear to those that can see that they have the tools and
the products to win the war.

So just days after getting my new iPads, I get my new iPhone
which is a huge upgrade. HUGE! Another game changer. All others are playing catch up
to the last version and then Apple leaps another year or more in front of them.
It matters not that 50 other guys will have it someday. It matter that they are
ahead in the market. Maybe 50 or 100 million units ahead. It comes with a cost.
It hurts Verizon and Sprint and TMobile. Sure, everyone hates AT&T and they all say they will wait
until Verizon has it. Meanwhile you have lost 3, 4 or 5 years of added
productivity and something extra that I have no word for but maybe another iPhone
user can help put it in words. It is a lifestyle changer. Thanks Apple for
being such a great cutting edge company and improving how I live my day to day

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

17 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Arrives at my Door Early…..Yesterday! The Best Ever!

  1. Ellen Braun

    “I paid $100 for somebody to stand in line for me that day.”
    -That line made me smile:)
    This is why Rick is so successful; it’s all about LEVERAGE! I can’t say I would have thought of outsourcing waiting in line- brilliant!

  2. Dean

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
    -Steve Jobs

  3. Affilojetpack Review

    I think Apple is one of the best companies in the world when it comes to their product launches.
    Anticipation + scarcity are a few factors to their success.
    Well done Apple.

  4. Apple

    Nice promotion of apple Rick. But too bad, apple stock price will go down from here for a little while. (Buy on rumor, sell on news). Time to short sell aapl stock from $275 and take profit at $250 to $260 range. Easy Money!
    Rick is trying to promote apple, making suckers buy the stock at the high point, while he sells his shares for a nice profit and you will be the sucker holding the bag, not a good idea. This is what all big boys do like Rick…they dont help you, they pretend to help you and take your money.
    Just like in domains, he says buy buy buy…well, its time to sell sell sell!
    Rick, successful people like you should help people instead of taking people’s money…greed is the root of all evil…it will come back and haunt you when you least expect it!

  5. Domainer

    I like the new design, makes holding it much easier. However, I don’t think this time around it will have too much of an edge over android phones. The only exception is dual camera, other features are already in android.
    but I gotta say, android can have more features but none of the other companies can build such great hardware/software combo. It’s not all about software, these other companies need to spend more time/money on designing hardware and not using cheap plastic all the time.

  6. Altaf

    Morning. Last time you encouraged me to buy iPhone 3GS as life changer. Then ipad,now iPhone 4.next 5….
    how many times could we change sooner to cope with models and race with time? It is life changing,but some flaws cannot be ignored. Any way Thanks.
    Have a great day!!

  7. Ryan MacDonald

    I got the first gen iPhone the day it came out, upgraded to the 3GS last year, and just purchased the iPhone 4. I agree that it is probably one of the best devices ever. In fact, the only time I hear anything negative about the iPhone, it is from someone who does not own one.
    Also, it seems that the longer you use one, the more useful it becomes as you discover new apps and features that make life easier. The same thing can be said for the iPad.
    I have not yet made the switch from PC to a Mac, but I am considering it.

  8. Dan

    It is suppose to work better with AT&T with the regards to phone reception and”dropped calls”…
    Because the Iphones before had the”antenna” Inside the phone…
    Now with the new Iphone…the”antenna” is kinda outside the phone, its just under the little stainless steal or metal band, that goes around the Iphone.
    See if you notice a difference…

  9. LS Morgan

    I totally agree with you about the ipad Rick. I think tablet/pad computing (I wonder where the nomenclature will stabilize?) is a big deal and a glimpse into the future.
    I envision us looking back on folding notebooks much the same way we look back on 2 pound cell phones.

  10. Stephen Douglas

    @ William,
    Your first line of your comment is”Good luck with this auction”. Ummm. Wrong article my friend. Beyond that, you silly guy – you tried to dog me here. Did you read my answer to your post on my blog? The question I presented you was a philosophical interpretation of domains that could be exploitive or not. You never answered. I expected you to have some insight on a relevant question regarding purchasing domains. Expectation too high..
    I’m pretty sure Rick’s not going to give you some reward for posting a link you found where you think”got me”. I’m sure Rick already saw my article and your post. I’m disappointed in you, William.
    @ Rick
    I have my iPhone 3Gs.. love it. But always wait six months BEFORE buying any new software/hardware so they can get the bugs out first. Either way, you’re going to have fun, but here’s the great part —
    When I get my iPhone 4, I’m going to call you up using FaceTime, and we’ll video conference! Just think of the disagreeing, yelling, throwing things, even sticking our tongues out at each other. I can’t wait!
    Have fun with your iphone 4. Please let us know your pros and cons about it in the next 30 days. I’m definitely getting a few for my family.
    nice article… cheers.

  11. Rick Schwartz

    I thought you stopped posting here? Folks, the ASSHOLE known as”apple” in this thread and MULTIPLE anon names in other threads is none other than Anunt. Yup, ANUNT is the piece of crap dogging me anonymously on multiple threads. See, now the whole industry knows what a spineless person you are. I will be posting and IDENTIFYING you in EVERY thread so all know.
    Good job ASSHOLE!

  12. apple

    Cover your short positions in AAPL stock today for a nice huge profit and start accumulating AAPL shares and sell one or two days before they announce earnings report!


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