Letter from Congressman Stearns on His Visit to T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Afternoon Folks!!

I just received the following from Congressman Stearns and wanted to share it with you.

Rick Schwartz


12 thoughts on “Letter from Congressman Stearns on His Visit to T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

  1. Chad

    Same letter. To five people but Personalized fo each, liked his style. Also.Liked his streAmlined yet personal way. He was great and the hr I spent with him was worth my time and Todd Rokita in getting him in town. We need others to step up and help. Toddrokita.com was and is the person on our side and responsible for landing sterns. Please help and donate whatever you can. It will be worth it when stearns and Rokita are on the committee writing the new telecom act. Overall was te best education panel and at least 30 people voiced there opinion with him Sunday night. Best general quite, I don’t line the term cybersquaters. I like to think of you as homesteaders. Great stuff

  2. Chad

    In relating domains with politics, that was a 5k buy but worth a million bucks. Lobbying and getting that much FaceTime would normally cost other industries or lobbygroups likely a million. Now we need to do something about it instead of sitting on our asses letting everyone else do the leg work. The better the industry dies the better your bottom line.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    Thanks for getting the congressman!! I also spent close to an hour with him so he got educated very quickly. He understood what we do because he is a student of history. That was why he knows the word”Homesteader” which is what we do as opposed to the”Cybersquatter” label we have been taged with by those that want what we have.
    You did a very big Solid for the industry and I beleive the Congressman and Todd Rokita if nothing else, have a CLEAR understanding of what we do and what we are up against. They have seen this show before. Just different players. So they know the fight they will have.

  4. George

    Do you know something Domainers ?
    One of the things I like most about domains is that after reading one , I don’t see”Made in China”.
    Maybe we should vote Mr. Schwartz to run our so call”economy”. We all be most happy to see our national debt around trillions go down.


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