Inside The Sale. Why This was a Landmark Sale

Morning Folks!!

The sale is the sale that keeps giving and giving. One of my favorite storie and perhaps the most high profile sale I ever made in my life. It is my mindset that allowed me to make this deal and I still believe it was worth much more than was paid and I will explain the flawed thinking process that would have resulted in this deal being nothing noteworthy.

3 years later this domain still pays dividends and is one of my favorite stories.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “Inside The Sale. Why This was a Landmark Sale

  1. Lucas

    It is very good that you required the sale to be made public… this kind of transparency will sure contribute a lot to keep the domain industry strong and vibrant.

  2. Gobble

    Well, you’re still reading the blog. Nobody is reading yours are they? You’ve not paid to read this blog so why are you here?
    Nothing to stop you telling us about what you’ve done. Nothing? Thought so.
    Stop being a player hater, just reinforces to us what a negative outlook on life you have.

  3. Gobble

    Very few domainers would have extracted that sort of deal out of that domain, that is for certain.
    This wasn’t the general type of domain that was bought prior to 2000. It used to be all”e”whatever. Wasn’t it Apple that really made the”i” what it is?
    ipod -> iphone -> ipad

  4. Descriptive

    After reading your post yesterday i recalled the ireports sale of yours. Doesn”t that sales go against what you wrote about yesterday? not to invest in domains without traffic? good name and great sale, and being creative worked for you very well!
    so you never know! Just curious, unless that name did get alot of traffic. I agree and appreciate/understand your advice, but in that case your followed everything you share except a domain with traffic, it was a brandable. So i guess the moral is follow your advice but use your head when you have to lol.

  5. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Generally speaking we are cautious of the broad stock market here. We have one big exception and this company should do well regardless of the broad market.
    Like you it is a king, but of voice recognition. Any of your followers might be able to benefit from this communication catalyst called Nuance. Trade out of all bond denominated vehicles NOW!
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group)


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