Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, The Internet and Me

Morning Folks!!

I don’t often if ever tell folks I am a Mason. Been one for over 25 years. I don’t think I have ever written about it until today. I have never talked about this before. It was nothing secret but also nothing you speak about either.

I figured with the Internet as it is I would look some info up and see how much was still private. So I feel comfortable discussing it now.

The Mason’s have a long history and many famous members. Free Mason’s have been around since the 17th Century. Some say even before that. Many myths have been spread over the years. They are just that. Myths.

The Lodge I belong to was established in 1795 by Paul Revere. Many of the original members were direct descendants of the Pilgrims.

The interesting thing that the Masons have in common with the Internet is that it was based on your reputation, your character and trustworthiness. Have you ever heard the term “Black Balled”? That was taken from the Mason’s. There were only 2 types of people in the eyes of Mason’s. 100% trustworthy or not.

When you get involved and go through the exercise to become a Mason they have one night in which all the other members of that chapter vote and decide whether you have the qualities needed. They use white balls which means they approve and “Black Balls” if a member does not approve. If just one black ball is cast, the membership is denied. Just one.

So if you had one bad thing happen with just one member, you were rejected. Character and reputation is everything. It’s an ancient thing this “Honor” stuff.

It’s not a religion and there are a lot of misinformation out there. It’s a fraternity. Together they do great things. Charitable ventures and just good stewards of the community. The only requirement is that you believe in God. That is the beginning and the end of religion and the Mason's.

I don’t know if it is very popular today. Are any of you Masons? I bet some of your father's and grandfather's may have been. Maybe that is why I talk about walking west to find the sunrise. Mason's will understand this one.

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Whatever! At the end of the day, no matter who you are or what you believe, our job is to be the best person we can be and better tomorrow than today.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


25 thoughts on “Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, The Internet and Me

  1. Anthony

    My brother-in-law is a Mason … he went on vacation to China not long ago and although he knew no one there, he was offered to be shown around by a Chinese Mason. Membership does have its benefits :)

  2. Peter Davis

    Yes, I am a Mason. I was very involved with the Lodge for the first few years, then moved and haven’t gotten back into it yet. For me, it has been a nice way to make a connection with the older people in the community.

  3. ScottM

    Masons do wonderful work! My grandfather was a worshipful master (I attended the ceremony when I was about 8 with all his children and 13 grandchildren) and like you Rick he ended up very succesful. Not a small feat considering that he came to this great country when he was 12 years old and did not know any English but learned it right away, worked hard, saved, build up his business, invested wisely. He attributed the Lodge as a major part of his succcess in life and he remained active and very close to his Lodge buddys until he passed away at 84. That’s character.

  4. Robert M

    My father was a Mason but was killed in a ritualistic sacrifice at his lodge. The death was put down as an”accident”, but we all knew better but were never able to speak about it again without great fears for our safety. I wasn’t really interested in joining and sometimes I look at his old friends and realize that there aren’t any under-50 members, so it looks to be a dead club, which is s shame since 99.999% of members are not involved in ritualistic murderer & certainly are great people.
    On a different note, do you discount your domains for Masons by a certain percentage?

  5. Wolftalker

    “..our job is to be the best person we can be and better tomorrow than today.”
    So glad to hear you say that Rick. People take notice of you.
    Not enough would add: ‘And leave the planet a better place than the one you were born into.’

  6. Directorise

    Thanks for sharing that, Rick. I know a bit about Masons but did never had a chance to ask one. Everything sounds nice, but i really can not understand why do Masons prefer to keep it a secret most of the time ?

  7. Andykelly

    As well as good deeds Masons are as guilty as any other organisation re vested interest imo. Loads of backscratching and helping other members get off / or get off lightly for crimes that the non masons of the World would receive a full sentence for.
    Enjoyable post all the same,sure many Masons are honourable/honorable men but like every institution they have their share of rotten apples.
    Can’t disagree with your closing statement though Rick.
    “our job is to be the best person we can be and better tomorrow than today” and that surely applies to every part of our lives.

  8. UFO

    My ancestral family is connected with the Masons, one appears as deputy grandmaster here in London in the 1700s, the notable thing I noticed is that it seemed to be at the time of the initial formal appointments in the US. I remember some famous US person (Benjamin Franklin?) being appointed in the US at the exact same time think he was Pennsylvania).
    Ahh.. here we go.. In 1734 Benjamin Franklin was elected and he wrote to Henry Price and requested clarification of Price’s Provincial Grand Master status as related to area.
    Price became a Mason in England before he left to come to Boston in 1723. Exactly what Lodge he joined is not known although he probably joined one of the four Lodges that in 1717 formed the Grand Lodge of England. He is recorded in the year 1730 as a member of Lodge #75 meeting at the old Rainbow Tavern in London.
    Here we go, London 1735 Deputy Grand Master; Sir Edward Mancell (spelled wrongly).

  9. razorblade

    You may be a mason – but the more important question is do you still eat gefilte fish and matzah ball soup?

  10. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Very interesting !
    I know a little or just enough about Masons to be totally misinformed. Does the G in symbol stand for God ? Any explanation of the Logo or mason symbol and the meanings would be appreciated.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)t

  11. LS Morgan

    My grandfather and great-grandfather were both deeply involved.
    It’s the sort of group that I see having less and less relevance going forward so personally speaking, I haven’t ever had much interest following in their footsteps- just not a ‘fraternity minded’ guy.
    I do remember the old-time Masons I met years ago as a tike did stand out as being a higher caliber person. Even as a little kid, that was something I picked up on.

  12. Lou

    I liked your story. Because Masons are not to ask anyone to be a Mason, the Shrine has set up a website that explains give information on being a Mason and if you are interested can sign up to get a virtural mentor to answer your questions about the craft.

  13. Tupac

    Rick, only because you have open mind you can watch on Free masonry and what it might not be after all

  14. Barrie Davis

    I may not have known Masons who were perfect, but I never have known a Mason who was not a better person because he was a Mason.

  15. Richard

    almost all- at least 75% of new Masons now are 25 and under- some low 30’s. We just did an EA on 4 brothers and 3 were under 26- one was 48.
    Many contact through the internet now also.

  16. Richard

    Masonry accepts all religions. You must just believe in a supreme being.
    So…weat whatever you want.
    We have Catholics, Protostants, Jew, and a few Muslims.

  17. Ben Moulton

    Coq du Nord – I too am a Mason and I don’t know what ritualistic sacrifice that Robert M.’s father was involved, but that is so far from the truth as I know it and I have been a Mason for 28 years and am very proud to be one. There is no such ritualistic sacrifices made, that is an unfounded fairy tale.


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