My Domain Inquiries for March 2011

Morning Folks!!

These are my domain inquiries for March 2011. The domains with an ' *' are the ones with multiple parties that have contacted me about that specific domain. As this is the 3rd month I have done this you may begin to see a pattern developing.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz************ (All NNN that I own)********


12 thoughts on “My Domain Inquiries for March 2011

  1. Keldon

    I don’t get it.
    You have higher quality domains than me in general but I get more inquires, even with less domains than you. The only thing I can think of is that my domains might be more”attainable” for the regular Joe than yours.
    I count 79 inquires. I get more than three a day. This winter it could be as high as eight to ten a day. I don’t have a specific number right this second, but I know it is much higher than yours for March.

  2. Carlos

    Interesting Rick, thank you! I own hundreds of domain names (in Spanish). Taking into consideration that the US Hispanic population just has reached over 50 million (and counting), would the value of domain names in Spanish increase as well? Gracias.

  3. jayjay

    oh yummy – hey that’s a dot com too :) what a delicious assortment of domains, gee I can only window shop, lol. Your definitely the king of the domains Rick! nice collection indeed~!!

  4. zach wallman

    how do you promote your domains? sounds like your doing something right.


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