TeaParty.com……The Single Most Valuable Domain in the World Today!

Afternoon Folks!!

It hit me a few days after I read Mike Berkens Post on TeaParty.com what exactly was at stake. Million Dollar domain according to Bloomberg?? Try Multi-Million Dollar domain name. Try the most valuable domain available in the world today. Laughing?? You shouldn't be. You should be trying to understand why this domain could be worth $5 Million, $10 Million, $20 Million! It is also worth a lot less if you don't pick it apart to see why the value is so high.

TeaParty.com is worth a lot of money. How much? Well let's figure it out. It is estimated that $2.5 BILLION will be spent on the elections in 2012 between the USA Presidential Race and the Congress as well as local elections. That works out to about $8 for every man, woman and child.

Last week a poll came out and revealed that 16% of those polled consider themselves Tea Party Voters. Let's say that 125 million people vote for President. 16% would translate into 20 million people. 20 Million. At a $5 Million valuation that would work out to just 25 cents per Tea Party voter. At $10 million that would be 50 cents each and at $20 million that would be just $1 each. Compare that to the $8 above!

But don't stop there. It will be that 16% that likely decide the election. $2 Billion may be spent on the presidency. How much is that domain worth if it secures the presidency??

So there would be a number of suitors.

1. The Tea Party

2. Another faction of the Tea Party

3. The Democratic Party

4. The Republican Party

5. George Soros

6. Huffington Post

7. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Those are just a few that pop into my head.

Why is TeaParty.com so important? Because the Tea Party itself is without central organization. That is both good and bad. One single domain name, TeaParty.com would change that instantly. The TeaParty.com domain name fixes the bad part. It becomes the central place for the Tea Party if it ends up in the right hands. Put in other hands.....who knows what the outcome would be.

That 16% will like grow between now and the election. And btw, it will be useful in ALL elections going forward. So what is TeaParty.com worth? Simply, IMO it is the single most valuable domain in the world today. Now few will agree, but the numbers prove my point. The power this domain represents is perhaps picking the next leader of the Free World. How much is that worth??

The TeaParty.com domain name that can change the course of history. How much is that worth?? How powerful is that?? Anyone on Madison Avenue even have a clue? Washington D.C.? We will soon find out.

Just remember the election of 2000 came down to 537 voters. When I say 'Change the course of History' I sure as hell mean it and most miss it.

And that is only in the Presidential race let alone thousands of local races. Value? You bet! Perishable? Perhaps. Meaningful? Without question. Mainstream clueless? Like the last 15 years never even happened.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

41 thoughts on “TeaParty.com……The Single Most Valuable Domain in the World Today!

  1. Gene

    This is the kind of analysis and valuation methodology that should be applied to all generic/keyword domains.
    And with respect to this particular name, your point about the domain name serving as THE organizational focal point of the still loosly-assembled, like minded group (of 20M) is the crux of the argument.
    Ironically, I’m sure that the valuations placed on this name would approach zero coming from some of the ‘premier tools’ that domainers always seem to reference. So much for the value of those algos.

  2. EpicDomainBroker

    Rick is 100% right! I have StreamingTeaParty.com and TeaPartyQRcode.com these are powerful for any canidate. I would have submitted to TargetedTraffic.com but probably a bit late..perhaps I will list them at Cax.com…Kev

  3. Kevin Davis

    Rick you are so correct. It is all about timing and who wants it more. I can see 20 million after you crunch all the numbers. @Epicdomainbroker you have 2 great names there.

  4. Bill Roy

    More than showing the value of the domain ‘TeaParty.com’ this methodology, as Gene says in the first reply, should be used to value other domains of generic, keyword, descriptive nature. If this were done then I think people would be amazed at the value of some portfolios out there, and of course most would scoff at such valuations!
    Taking this further, what real value would you the reader put on such domains as:
    indeed there is a myriad of such domains that may well actually be presently valued in the $million plus bracket but are in fact undervalued in commercial terms. Here though is the crux, they are only undervalued generally on their ‘developed’ potential. The real value is in what the domains could be developed into, and as we all know there are very few who are willing to actually develop such names to anything like their full commercial potential.

  5. Troy

    “Sorry Troy,
    I would not INSULT the owner with a low ball bid like that after describing why it is so valuable. That would be moronic.”
    The only thing more moronic would be to let someone else bid 1 million and acquire it.
    In my opinion the issue is not whether TeaParty.com is worth a million or more, perhaps it is, perhaps it isn’t. I’m not the expert on political domains. My issue is whether you really believe what you wrote. I don’t think you really do.
    I don’t think you would bid 1 million for it in an auction or make a 1 million dollar offer. If that is the case then you really don’t believe what you wrote above. Perhaps it will go to auction and time will tell.
    A smart man taught me numbers never lie…
    Actions don’t either=)
    How about I reach out to the owners of TeaParty.com and ask them if they would be offended if you offered them $1 million? If they say no then you would be free to offer it without offending them…
    Again, lets put your money where your mouth is=)

  6. Rick Schwartz

    Been there done that. $1 Million won’t do the deal. It’s really that simple. I’ve already been in contact with them. DUH!
    But to amuse you, I have no hesitation whatsoever to buy Teaparty.com RIGHT NOW for $1MM.
    Public offer in writing. Right here. Make it happen big shot. You just shoot from the lip without knowing wtf the FACTS are.

  7. YoGabbaGabba

    yeah, they could do as well with THEteaparty.com — just like the social networking company did with THEfacebook.Com.
    It’s ALL in the .com domain, man.

  8. Poor Uncle

    Rick – you are full of B.S. I only sold one name worth $108…but I can smell crap thousands miles away. If anyone can sell this for millions, you can. Because you are the smartest domain man alive. But that doesn’t mean you are not full of crap. haha. Have a nice weekend Mister.

  9. Alan

    The Tea Party is just a political fad………in 2 years no one will
    know who they were or care for that matter.

  10. Rick Schwartz

    Uncle…Guilty! as charged
    But that does not mean I don’t mean every word I write here.
    I believe what I believe and I laid out the EXACT reason why I believe this domain is so valuable.
    It’s only an equation to me. Everything boils down to an equation. A formula. This one is a biggie.

  11. Rick Schwartz

    It could be a fad. Or it could become a new majority.
    Fads still make millions and more. It is just fast and if you wait too long, it goes bye bye. That was why I said it was the most valuable domain in the world”Today”. This is the moment.
    Either way, the window of opportunity is right now. I know RIPE when I see it. This one is ripe. It may also be perishable. There is a window of opportunity RIGHT NOW. Those that see it, see it. Those that miss it, think I make all this stuff up. They don’t see a window, they don’t see an opportunity.

  12. Troy

    Rick, how long is your 1 million dollar offer, made on October 2nd, 2011, to purchase the domain name TeaParty.com good for? A week? A month? 60 days?
    Please clarify.

  13. Poor Uncle

    Rick…thanks for not being offended.
    You are my kind of guy. I just love your porno.com story. Sorry…I just can’t say it enough.
    I can’t see them spending this kind of money on this domain name…there are political considerations not just number crunching…and I thought they already own the .org.

  14. Troy

    “Public offer in writing. Right here. Make it happen big shot.”
    8 posts later…
    “Troy I really don’t need you or a middleman”
    If nothing happens no harm done, if they accept your $1 million offer then you will have, in your opinion,”The Single Most Valuable Domain in the World Today”.
    I sincerely hope they accept your offer. I was impressed you were willing to make it. I honestly didn’t think you would.

  15. Aussie Dave

    I somewhat agree. However most of the billions that will be spent on the election will be from individula parties or candidates which diminishes that figure quite significantly. Also, if an anti tea party candidate/party setup a site on the domain could there not be legal action taken?

  16. His advice is free

    Sorry, but StreamingTeaParty.com and TeaPartyQRCode.com are worth a big fat ZERO.
    I see this all the time….someone mentions a valuable name and then the floodgates open and people start mentioning the Pigeon Shit that they have.
    Those two names have zero value, but the ignorance goes on and on and on. Even people who read Rick’s Blog don’t even know how to use the valuable information. It is just unbelievable, and I see this happen on every blog I visit, and every forum I surf.
    It can’t be possible that this many people JUST DON’T GET IT. My Goodness.

  17. rjb

    It’s worth a lot to the party or person that could use it to become president in the next election, after that it may be a fad and the value could drop by a lot. But the value in this domain isn’t in PPC or selling a product, it’s in helping to win an election. So it’s only valuable to those in the election race, or who want to profit from it in a short time period.
    The owners of TeaParty.com should get the most they can for it, while it’s hot. Like Rick said, the timing is ripe NOW, but the clock is ticking.

  18. steve

    Who wouldn;t pay 1 million for teaparty.com
    I will offer then 1 million and 1 dollar.
    And I will cover escrow.

  19. UFO.ORG

    Cyber Squatting comes to mind. Common law actions for passing off and a whole bunch of other actions. It could be a 2m domain name with 10m of contingent legal liability.
    The intrinsic value of the domain is not that great and all this value is based on a political party.
    Anyway, TeaParty.org etc is fine. Most Political parties in the UK run off the .org.uk which is a cctld.
    A patriotic party might actually prefer the .us version.
    Make no doubt about it; cyber squatting to interfere with the democratic process would be frowned upon by the judicial system. Expect no remorse.

  20. Windy City

    …I dunno about it lasting only two years, but I can definitely see it fading away during that time and possibly restructuring its party with a different name.
    The name Tea Party, while quite kitschy, will grow rather cumbersome when more legitimate candidates choose to throw their hat in the political arena. The name will change in a few years and the”monster” deal for the domain name will become a huge, HUGE loss for the unfortunate concern that purchased it.
    But that is what speculation is all about, I guess.
    Remember Ross Perot and the”other” third party when you think about Tea party.


    why the fook is that troy stalking rick? lmao. what a turd burglar.. troy should be concentrating on his own domain crap than getting way to ahead of himself and involved in someone elses business dealings that he doesnt even know! lol you sound like you could be his ex wife trying to get him to blow his beautiful piles of cash that make him so happy, its funny stuff..
    p.s rick i want to join the masons pls refer me to the Liverpool, UK wing… if only it was that simple damn it!
    btw all, RelativeTraffic.com is now for sale ‘suitable offers only’ if anyone wants it, i cant seem to build my own parking platform nomore :( .. was thinking of selling it to frank schilling.. want to middleman it rick? then please feel free to get in touch…
    thanks all!

  22. Notadomainer

    Hey Rick,
    How much would you value democraticparty.com and republicanparty.com, the here and now? Just courious…

  23. Sidharth

    Hey Rick
    IMHO it is not any way as valuable as that however fads are always there & smart persons can take advantage if timing is right as in Stock Market. Also if there is one person who can make good profit trading in this domain then it you.
    However the only good point in this discussion is that we are getting good war of words.

  24. EpicDomainBroker

    Well, well…here we have this Aussie character from down under piping up about StreamingTeaParty.com. Again, I have seen this so many times from jealous, envious and out right silly novice domainers who seem to want to put their .2 cents in and get in on the band wagon and trample on anothers domains. Let it be known, this particular domain name has had multiple offers, however, I could care less if it ever sells. I have sold my fair share and profited. And let me tell you, if I can sell what Aussie refers to as”Pigeon Shit” then I have succeeded. By the way, pigeon shit fertilizer is a million dollar industry..lol.
    TeaParty.com is a strong viable brandable name and will sell for top dollar. Of course, if you do not know what is going on behind closed doors, then I completely understand Aussies ignorance over the issue. Aussie admittedly states he has seen this on every blog and forum he has ever been in, well if that is the case then perhaps Aussie should wake up and smell the pigeon shit for what it really is..$. You can scream cypersquatting all day, I could care less, the objective is to profit..not to make friends or entertain idle non-competent domainers. I am sure Rick would agree, it is Aussie who does not get it..some people are stuck in their own alleged minds when it comes to the domain industry. There is only one Cloud.com…and zillions of”Cloud” domains have been registered and sold thereafter with the name”Cloud.” Lastly, I agree StreamingTeaParty.com will have big fat ZERO’s…the question is how many?

  25. domain guy

    interesting on the numbers…however content plays a vital role.
    and i can see teaparty.co also being used as a platform with financial contributations included…at a lower value.
    you also make a valid point there is no central branding point .this is why i believe teaparty.co could be implemented as a poor stepchild. who ever owns this pigeon shit domain could ride the tail feathers of this 2012 election.
    i can also see the opposing party the liberals blasting the tea party on this domain widening the market potential.
    whats the saying? theres more than one way to climb this mountain?
    interesting article……

  26. Jody

    Great post, Rick. Along those same lines, what value would you give 2012Election.com? I realize it’s basically toast after next year but I would think it’s worth quite a bit to the right person or group. It’s already getting 8100 exact monthly searches for”2012 election” and 135,000 broad searches per month. I would assume those numbers will explode as we draw closer to the next presidential election. Your thoughts on this are appreciated.

  27. larry.pensing@gmail.com

    i told a friend of mine you said teaparty.com was the most valuable domain in the world and he laughed in my face citing names like coupons.com hotels.com cars.com
    i said”this is why rick made it to the top”

  28. Rick Schwartz

    Everything has a window of opportunity and the window for this domain has closed at least for now.
    It may or may not be worth 7 figures in the future. I can’t say. I just know I would not risk my money now like I would have when I wrote this. The primary season is over so that may diminish some value. With the election now in full swing for 2012, it loses value with every passing day.
    That would make mid term elections in 2014 the next time it could have value or the 2016 elections IF the Tea Party continues. So a lot of”ifs” now because the best way to have capitalized on the domain has already passed for this cycle. I often talk about”Perishable Domains”. This might end up being one of them. We’ll see. That’s what makes domaining so exciting. Place your bets!


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