What Does the $500,000 Sale of Gay.xxx Mean to Movies.xxx and 11 others??

Morning folks!!

Last night I heard about the sale of Gay.xxx for $500,000 with this Press Release that has just been issued moments ago. The first thing that came to my mind was what bargains we have at the auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and I think we will blow away a few of the reserves. BIG TIME!

We don't know the future, we speculate. Some speculations pay off and others do not. You hope at the end of the day you come up with a net positive. And like Steve Jobs said.....Ignore the NOISE.

The seeds you plant now may be 5 years down the road before they pop. But it could also be 5 months. There are $$ on the sidelines looking for solid investements and speculation.

But whatever you speculate on should be, MUST BE, PRIME. Prime gives you a shot. Sure, the peanut gallery can throw flowers.mobi in my face at every opportunity and I can cram 16 sales up their ass. They only can see one side of the ledger and have a one track mind. Losers and trolls have a way of hanging out together. But they won't be changing the world. We are all lucky if they change their underwear.

I know the real folks see through all that. The rest of us just put one foot in front of the other and miraculously we always seem to arrive in the destination we planned.

'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.' Jobs 2005

The 'Naysayers' are out in the cold and soon to be out of business. They focus on others at the expense of their own livelihoods. They can't kill success of others. They can only kill their own success.

There is a difference between having a difference of opinion and belittling folks that push the edges and trailblaze. My money, my risk, why do so may feel threatened enough that they have to yell from every bridge?

There is not one among us that can be certain how the future unfolds. We can guess, we can bet, we can speculate. And when you have nothing else........you talk down others that are willing to guess, bet and speculate. At that point, I will from today on refer to this little gem: 'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.'

I don't know if .xxx will or will not be anything, but that does not mean I don't take some dollars and speculate. If it hits, I win. If it doesn't I look for the next OPPORTUNITY! Just remember, opportunity does not come with any guarantees. Does not come with a sign that says 'This way'. Opportunity is something you do when everyone else tells you not to.

Let me count all the folks I met in 1995 and 1996 and 1997 that said buying domain names was smart? I know they said buying Porno.com was dumb. I know they said that Candy.com was not a valuable domain name. I know they said Property.com was not worth it for $750,000. I know that what I may know today may mean nothing tomorrow. Things do change. All you can do is try and get your share.

I own .info, I own .tv, I own .co, I own .net, I own .org, I own .Me, I own .xxx, I own .com i own .whatever I think could have value in the future and I have the patience to let it play out, one way or another. But none have EVER been a threat to .com. The chances are that none will for a very long time. 10-20 YEARS from NOW. And even at that point it does not make .com go down in value. The .com counterpart of any domain name of any extension will have value for the rest of your life.

But forget all that. The eyes of the world are now focusing on domain names. New frontiers. New ways to win.

Rick Schwartz

5. Juicy.XXX Reserve under $15,000
6. Vrtual.XXX Reserve under $15,000
7. Hotties.XXX Reserve under $15,000
8. Chatroom.XXX Reserve under $15,000
6. Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000
7. Orgy.XXX Reserve under $50,000
8. Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000
9. Blondes.XXX Reserve under $50,000
10. Singles.XXX Reserve under $80,000
11. Party.XXX Reserve under $60,000
100. Stars.XXX Reserve under $100,000101. Local.XXX NO RESERVE

16 thoughts on “What Does the $500,000 Sale of Gay.xxx Mean to Movies.xxx and 11 others??

  1. em

    Well said, Rick. That’s pretty much sums up what investing is all about. Sometimes people want guarantees. There are none. Gut instinct for an opportunity and then some B**ls. That’s it.

  2. todaro

    it’s not 1996… the pornhub tube sites have sunk some of the biggest pros in porn. i could be wrong… tiny xxx niche sites can definitely prosper. but every nasty word xxx being worth big money… i’d bet against it.

  3. domain guy

    what the gay.xxx indicates .xxx is a viable tld period.a ground floor has been established…traffics .xxx tlds could be million dollar domains at sharply discounted prices.Gays are a big industry with lots of dollars early on too….there clearly is high demand for quality .xxx extensions.This .xxx sale also clearly indicates there is opportunity in the domain game today…with alternative extensions…15 yrs later….your earlier statements about a big sale is about to come true…a little late..your crystal ball must be cloudy from all those recent sales.
    concerning the banned peanut gallery big time operators have winners and LOOSERS.THE KEY IS TO HAVE MORE WINNERS THAN LOOSERS..
    pete rose comes to mind.World class entreprenurs commit money research and take a public position.win or loose…it takes balls…
    and is not easy….

  4. Lin

    The .mobi thing only turned out to be a cockup in hindsight because of a certain recently departed supervisionary and his bizarre new fangled internet phone. These things happen, but only once a decade or whatever – hardly the misstep of the century imo. The other side of the ledger makes up for it by orders of magnitude so I wouldnt worry about it much :)

  5. RAYY

    If Gay.xxx sold for $500000…wonder how much worth for Sex.xxx ?
    Will be millions…I think.
    Which one is more valuable than other? sex.xxx or sex.co ? Any guess?

  6. webtruth

    very good post, but the real problem people have you with you rick is self inflicted and you’re bullshit artist,
    you dont acknowledge your luck to the real degree it played in the outcome, instead you talk as though you see the future, you’ve done nothing special except be there at the right time, see the results and repeat it, a good effort but no where near the credit you give yourself

  7. Anthony

    Webtruth –
    Have you watched the recent interview with Rick, he comes across totally different on screen than in the written word. Anyway, maybe for you you will only see what you want to see.
    I dont understand the luck part, there must be 1,000,000,000 in western Europe and the US combined that had a chance at buying names and yet how many did so as an investment? They were there at the”right time”.
    The truth is that in ten years time there will be another guy that has made a killing in this space that wasnt in this game until now and that guy will have someone like you make exactly the same luck/timing comment, but you probably dont believe that right?

  8. webtrutth

    anthony ive had my own luck on the net, part vision, part luck, part hard work
    if webfather/domain king really is the oracle of the future he proclaims himself to be how
    did someone (frank schilling) come in to the game years
    after him and clean up the biggest haul of generics
    in the world under his watch?
    and dont go getting all creamy over that interview, because if you knew the facts about his porno history youd see it was a colourful interview at best

  9. webtruth

    people acknowledge early domain buyers as good for you
    but if they go around claming to be some sort of oracle of the future they’re bound to get a reaction because of the degree of luck involved
    BECAUSE it couldnt have been done without luck

  10. Anthony

    Webtruth –
    Honestly you come across as someone who is rather bitter for whatever reason.
    I dont really understand why you would come onto the blog and be rude to the guy. I dont think that a blog like this is wholly altruistic, he promotes his auctions and also people learning the value of domains benefits him too, both end users and also other domain. That said he is still imparting knowledge that he has accumulated and you are free to choose not to read if you have a problem with it.
    The self proclaimed webking stuff, I take that with a pinch of salt. Everyone has to be a showman especially in sales, are you in sales? Everyone in life is involved in sales, I think some people dont understand that, and some of those that truly dont understand that are the sheep that have shit jobs their whole life and walk away at 65 with a gold plated watch. The domain king is a distinguishing moniker he brings to the table to separate himself from the herd, I doubt he makes his wife call him that! And you know what it works, either way you have an opinion about the guy, love or hate and trust me its better to be loved or hated by everyone than not remembered at all.
    The point about someone else coming into the game and grabbing all the generics, what does that prove? History is littered with examples of people pioneering and then someone else coming into the same space and making more money, does that make the pioneers achievements any less worthy? or in fact does the pioneer take the credit for the achievements of those that followed?
    In your first post you said”The real problem people have with you Rick” you know what I have seen over the last couple of years is that people that come onto blogs to have digs at the person posting dont actually have a problem with that guy, they have their own problems that manifest into hatred towards others that they think they can insult online, its actually really sad. I suggest if you have had your own success then you should blog about it instead of having a go at someone who is encouraging others to be successful.
    This is my two cents mate.
    Lastlt the Porno stuff, just like the BP oil spill stuff that I read about Rick regging, I truly dont give a shit about. If he doesnt do it someone else will. This is business and when the kids need to be sent to college and the mortgage needs paying there are those that can afford to and those that cant. For those that can it doesnt matter if the money came from being a doctor or from selling mygrannysbigtits.com, all that matters is that the moneys there.

  11. Rick Schwartz

    Somebody hit a nerve….7 posts overnight by webtruth. None that are publishable. Now it makes sense.
    This industry has some of the lowest forms of life I have ever seen and I will expose those COCK SUCKERS every chance I get. More to come on this. A cock sucker that is an enemy is a good thing!!

  12. Rick Schwartz

    A Lot of people ask me why I publish any comments from these lowlifes. First of all with each comment they leave clues. Second, some have a drinking or drug problem and they get a little sloppy and give me even more info. Third, I want folks to see what some of your”FRIENDS” act like and talk like when they are anons. Once uncovered, they are DONE!
    Plus, I want folks to see what I deal with on a daily basis. My CRIME….sharing what I have learned and what I believe. Wow, that sure is a threat to trolls and fakers and those that appear to be one thing and are completely different. They can’t even put their own name on their words. That says a lot.
    I have a very short lists of suspects. I don’t care who says what. It does not matter. I just believe each suspect is guilty each time. The”Dirty Dozen”. I don’t have to know who does what when. I paint these characters with a broad brush.
    The same CLOWNS come out each time. Not all at once. One at a time. But to ME, I just consider them all to have done it. I don’t have to grind the list down other to the”Dirty Dozen”.
    Some are the SCABS at TRAFFIC. They hate me and the show so much, they have to SNEAK IN. Hang out at the venue. Other LOWLIFE tactics. Who would TRUST those folks EVER?? NOT ME!!
    I consider these folks THIEVES because they STEAL our hard work.
    This year since they won’t pay in dollars, they will pay with something else that”I” choose. Your reputation. I OWN IT IF YOU DO THAT!
    I have a SPECIAL surprise this year for anyone that tries to that nonsense. You will only have yourselves to blame. I have been warning folks for months about that. Anyone sees anyone at TRAFFIC that did not pay, I am going to PLASTER you all over the place. I am going to make you FAMOUS. That is my promise.

  13. web design London

    I think some people dont understand that, and some of those that truly dont understand that are the sheep that have shit jobs their whole life and walk away at 65 with a gold plated watch. The domain king is a distinguishing moniker he brings to the table to separate himself from the herd, I doubt he makes his wife call him that


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