BREAKING: Is Apple going to Buy Yahoo!??

Morning folks!!

So I am sitting around the other morning and I said to myself that there is likely to be a COLOSSAL sale or merger before the end of this year. Times are ripe for a HIGE deal. So I sat and thought of the possibilities. Let me be the first to predict that Apple will bid for Yahoo and here is why.

Apple and Google are rivals. Apple and Microsoft are rivals. Yahoo is a company that has no leader but has a host of great assets that make them have value. So it reminds me a little of Pixar. I think Apple could do for Yahoo what they did for Pixar and change the balance of power on the Internet.

This is purely a hunch I pulled out of my ass and means nothing. On the other hand I see it as plausible. Interesting. Powerful.

Having billions of dollars when dollars are buying less each and every day is not the best strategy. Assets have more value than $$$ at a certain point and I am making the case that we are at that point.

I am buying Yahoo today because whoever takes them over is good for a 50% move imho and somebody needs to start driving that bus.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Is Apple going to Buy Yahoo!??

  1. SEO GOD

    Let’s see
    Bing (MicroSoft) and Yahoo are PARTNERS
    So Apple isn’t buying Yahoo
    Yahoo is in bed with Gates already

  2. Dan

    Apple is taking an entirely different tack. They don’t need Yahoo! for where they are going.

  3. Uzoma

    Morning King,
    You made a COLOSSAL typo.
    On the Yahoo play, It will shake things up for the better, that’s for sure. The present operators don’t know their asses from their mouths. What would it take to eat Google’s lunch? Not much…

  4. Ian

    Microsoft = Dire. Yahoo = Dire. Apple = Cool.
    Its obvious that only one of those combo’s could leverage some synergy.
    Biggest problem in Geekland is that they never get any because they don’t know what its about. Only Apple understands that Sex sells, so they make sexy gadgets. The Specs should get out a bit more and they might understand what consumers actually want.

  5. Todd

    What did Apple do for Pixar?
    There’s nothing Yahoo has that Apple needs, and they don’t like to absorb large firms with employees who don’t share the Apple mystique. Too many ‘yahoos’ at Yahoo.
    On the other hand… they can buy my firm/domains asap!

  6. steve

    They won’t buy Yahoo.
    Because the execs at Apple have no leader now.
    They will not put their job on the line for such a big purchase.
    80% of these mergers go back because the people hate each other.
    They make it fail on purpose and lack of skills in knowing how to merge.
    Apple is focused on TV. So they might buy Tivo but I doubt it.
    Apple always does their own gadget and then gets sued for patent infringement.

  7. ScottM

    I think it’s somewhat possible Apple shareholders will come to realize that their company is worth a whole lot more split and pieced out and sold off, than remain as one single entity. And with Steve Jobs their visionary gone it’s conceivable that their music business, iTunes, might end up with Sony’s catalog, Google might buy up their patents, code and handset business and integrate it with their recent Motorola aquisition, and Apple’ computer and tablet business ends up with a Samsung or other hardware maker. The Apple brand is still valuable, but it may end up being owned by multiple entities in different genres. After 27 years in the consumer electronics business, I’ve seen a lot of these things come to pass. Not a lot of people 2 decades ago would have thought that major American brands like IBM’s computer business and RCA would end up owned by Chinese conglomerates.


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