Madison Avenue Flashback 2007. Toe to Toe….Truth to Power!

Morning Folks!!

Truth to power. Don't be too afriad to reject Bullshit. I do it right here and this clip remains one of the best most intense moments since I have been in domaining. It crystalizes the problem in a way that uncovers how laughable the answer to my question is.

Here we have corporate America bogged down in a short term budget when there are long term decisions at play. Here is how and why they fail and continue to fail. Let's have a meeting! Let's chain ourselves with a budget. Let's ignore the big picture. DEFINED! Where is the LEADER that OVERRIDES bad decisions? See's the future? Understands the future.


Click Here to Hear my 2 minute Audio with our Madison Avenue panel

Rick Schwartz


7 thoughts on “Madison Avenue Flashback 2007. Toe to Toe….Truth to Power!

  1. Bill Roy

    Rick I am sure you have already thought of this but wouldn’t this be better aired as a commercial on TV (or perhaps preferably because of less cost as an item on a main stream news/business program) or even as a transcript in the Washington Post or New York Times (Business sections of course). Are there NO journalists out there who could/should realise the deeper story behind all this?

  2. Stardom

    bang on as ever Rick
    I think just as bad as the large companies are the small and medium ones
    I have domains, the generic industry defining category killers in and .com for many areas
    Some of these are lightly developed and sitting on first page google, yahoo AND bing
    It’s a complete home run for any company that gets it
    They slam the door in the competitions face, and get the numero uno domain and all the memorability benefits and branding tools. for life!
    I approached some companies in the UK and offered them the giftwrapped package, I was only asking mid x,xxx! £
    All I heard was too much, congrats if you get that, if you want a whole lot cheaper contact us later!
    Unreal. They don’t seem to realise they are being offered gold for peanuts and every day they miss out they are losing cash and paying adsense etc
    I want to slam my head against a wall sometimes so I know how you feel Sir.Rick!

  3. Theo

    To Stardom.
    Just keep them. keep them and make sure they are on the first page of google..
    They are watching.
    And at some point they will get it.
    The wait game can take several years.
    They hope you drop the domain.
    But if you done it right you even make enough cash out of it to sustain the renewals year in , year out…
    And then it dawns on them .. that pesky asshole is not dropping it and they are losing leads/money .
    And then you go in for the kill…
    If your domain names are good enough they will stick at page of one google. Sure it might have took ya an hour to optimise it .
    But when you are able to sell it for atleast 5k it was worth investing that time …
    Patience is the key here. And yes you will turn down below 1k offers.
    Faith is another keyword.

  4. steve

    READ their job ads!!
    We need HIGHLY CREATIVE people that can fit into our great company…blah blah
    You go there and everyone is bogged down in cubicles being yelled at to work faster.
    Yes meanwhile at the top they are golfing and bullshitting, but who cares as the its the shareholders money!!
    I had enough of listening to their stupidness.
    But everyone gets it. That is why so many people are starting their own companies. Unfortunately they don’t get it either and 90% fail.
    If you are already rich you don’t need to get it. They are satsified with thier paycheck so why risk it on some web domain.
    Especially these geniuses…


    I like the way you say,
    “…Just keep them. keep them and make sure they are on the first page of google…”
    “…And then you go in for the kill…”
    Totally agree your points…

  6. David Carter

    I have a domain,
    A guy came to me and asked me what would be required to start up in the asbestos roof cleaning business. I told him. I spent 50 minutes on the phone with him. No other company I’ve seen here has anything like the right equipment or tools to do a proper job, so I really spelt it out for him.
    He came back three months later, having invested more than £40,000 in equipment and additional training for his staff (he runs a cleaning business).
    He didn’t ask for the name, he asked for a partnership and after a couple of meetings, we’ve agreed to set something up jointly. It will be franchised I hope.
    Bear in mind that I’ve been getting leads in this niche for years – and in some cases, I’ve done deals with companies – but not one has turned out to be honest – they’ve ALL tried to screw my out of my commissions.
    When somebody comes along having made an investment and suggests a partnership like this, you have to listen – because these are the ones who get it, not the low ball merchants who try and get your domains for a pittance.
    The new site is being designed at the time of writing.


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