My Personal Picks for the Upcoming T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction in Fort Lauderdale

Morning Folks!!

After reviewing thousands of domains I am going to list my personal picks. The ones I think have the best chance to sell based on those domains submitted. First I want to thank everyone that submitted domain names. With the exception of the 'Guaranteed Placements' (Which we won't reveal) I picked each and every domain in the auction. I did it in the following manner.

I started with the left column which listed all domain names. When I saw a domain I thought had value, I would look over to the right column for the reserve. If that number was a number that a domainer could be attracted to, it made it to the next round.

I repeated the process. That eliminated some domains as others were just better values and had a better chance at selling.

I then repeated the process again with the remaining domain names. This time looking for bargains that would automatically make it in the auction. A bargain means many people will come in the room targeting that specific domain name. Each will have a number in their head as far as value goes. Then the games begin. THAT is why folks are about to witness an exciting auction with loads of bidding because there are so many bargains. The proof will come when we look back.

So my pick for the auction.....nearly every domain in it as I selected about 90 of the 120. I want to tip my hat to the guys that paid to play. Each of you were a pleasure to deal with and you believe in your asset at the level you set and are out there spreading the word. Contacting end users instead of talking about it. Taking destiny in your own hands.

This is what I call a 'Combustible' auction. What does that mean? It means there is a plan, there is a detonator, there is a stew of ingredients, and if those ingrdients work well with each other, BOOM! get out of the way. I can't do it alone. I needed the domains, I needed the audience. I needed a credible venue with a date and time certain. Now it is up to the attendees as it will be them that detonates my plan....or not. My job was to tempt them as many times as possible with valuable domains at domainer prices where end users were not the target.

And for all the naysayers, let me just say that your collective portfolios don't equal our auction list. So crowing and naysaying is just insulting the owners of those domains and some of them may even be your 'Friends'. So what's the point?

Good luck to all the buyers and sellers. October 18th 2PM Ritz Carlton Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Let's get ready to RUUUMMMMBLLLLE!!!

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Rick Schwartz

18 thoughts on “My Personal Picks for the Upcoming T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction in Fort Lauderdale

  1. Katie

    I live in Florida and love the local names.,,
    Reserves look good, but at only $10k makes at $50k look a little high…
    Best of luck Rick

  2. Uzoma

    If this auction at the Ritz is successful, I will petition most domainers to recruit Rick to open an American Domain Auction Market, because, lord knows we don’t have one now. I’m not getting a fair shake from Sedo, or anybody out there.
    We need a serious business man, a fair person, such as Rick to use his experience and contacts to operate a SOLID domain auction site. Right now, Sedo is partial to the .DE ccTLD, and nobody knows how they select domains that make it to auction, sometimes they feature one person’s entire crappy portfolio, and leave all of mine out.
    If this auction at the Ritz is successful, we will have to DRAFT Rick. We can’t afford to wait for once a year TRAFFIC auction. We need a weekly or daily gig.

  3. Uzoma

    Allow me to use this avenue to address why I have been down on all major players in the domain space.
    It is obvious that something is not right.
    I will analogize the domain industry to the Stock Market for a minute. Granted that the two are not exact, the similarities is enough my purposes.
    Now, imagine if you will, a stock market in the United States, say the New York Stock Exchange, where the marketability of stock is dependent on who is holding the shares; imagine where you could only sell your stock shares dependent on who you know, or who your broker is; also, imagine where markets are not mandated to sell the next share in line, but are are allowed to skip over you and sell to someone based on quid pro quo, or some other shenanigans. That is the domain market for you.
    Right now, if you want to sell your stock shares, you log into your Schwab account, set the number of shares you want to offload, set the price, at that price, it triggers turn by turn, they are mandated to sell yours when it’s your turn. The exception is over the counter, and that’s why it’s a nut house there. The same thing applies to domain industry. It’s a basket case. On top of that, imagine where only premium stocks such as GOOG for Google, or AAPL for apple are the only trade-able stocks on NASDAQ, that will be insane. There are cheaper stocks, and they too sell. You can buy MSFT for Microsoft, or ORCL for Oracle at under $30 right? The same thing should apply to domains! It shouldn’t all be premium to level such as or
    Lastly, imagine where the French and the Germans run our stock markets for us? That will be insane right? We should have our own Sedo, one that we can be proud of, one we can know is democratic, one with American fairness culture, where everybody is somebody. We should have our own, where there is a modicum of respect, not just greed and authoritarianism.
    So, this why I have been contra many in this industry, I want to make it better, fairer, predictable, market oriented, and there’s no better person to complain to than Rick. Here I am.

  4. Jeph Smythe

    Yes and the domain industry will certainly get good press and a boost in reputability thanks to the auction list including names such as and

  5. Leonard Britt

    I like SEDO but I see an up and coming player in South Florida that I believe is going to give SEDO a run…

  6. Andrew Rosener

    There is only 1 domain with NO RESERVE which I would even bid on in this auction.
    There are 2 domains with a reserve which MIGHT have a chance to sell – I would bid if you were allowed to bid online, but since you can’t – I won’t be bidding.
    This is just more of the same old same – there are a lot of great domains with end user reserves and there won’t be a single end user in the room to pay those prices.
    I think this will be an auction highlighted ONLY by .XXX sales which were per-determined before the auction even happens.
    But I hope I’m proven wrong…

  7. Rick Schwartz

    ” I think this will be an auction highlighted ONLY by .XXX sales which were per-determined before the auction even happens. But I hope I’m proven wrong…”
    Andrew, now THAT is a bunch of SHIT that I don’t appreciate you spreading because it is not true and YOU made up. I should know. NOTHING with ANY of the .XXX domains are predetermined at all or have even been discussed. So please don’t make things up for your personal gain or to cast a shadow on an auction that is going to put a few folks back on their heals.
    Plus, You just insulted many of your potential clients. Not very bright in my book. Keep telling folks not to bid. I am sure they will listen you your BS.
    The fact is that folks trust what we are doing and that sucked up a lot of the good domains or you would not be squawking.

  8. Posta

    Here’s the way i call it:
    Rick edits too many posts or doesnt post them at all.
    No wonder people wont post with their real names, its Ricks propoganda blog.

  9. Andrew Rosener

    Rick – I did not mean to say that there was anything nefarious happening with the auction. if there is anything I think will happen at this auction – I do think it will be 100% legit and you will correct many of the errors of past auctions.
    As for .XXX – I have nothing but admiration for what they are doing and the success they continue to have. All I’m saying is that the biggest and majority of sales that are going to happen at the auction are going to purely .XXX sales and those buyers already knew what they were buying before they got there. I’m not saying anything more or anything less.
    Don’t twist my words to suit your own agenda.
    And trust me, I’m not squawking or jealous or anything you might be implying. There are PLENTY of premium domain names to go around to every auction and every broker out there.
    If I’m complaining at all (and I am a little bit), it’s purely because at past auctions I was a very active buyer (whether or not I was actually in attendance). I honestly don’t see anything on the list this year that I would buy accept for a handful of small potatoes.
    As an active buyer & seller I’m just giving you my honest opinion and contructive criticism that the only domains in your list which will sell are the .XXX. So, when you say”We’ve got something for everyone” – THAT MY FRIEND IS BS!

  10. Andrew Rosener

    By the way – I am NOT telling anyone not to bid. Big sales at these auctions is good for all of us. This is what drives industry momentum and gets broader attention of the general public. I would LOVE to see you blow the roof off and do $10 million in sales. I just don’t see it happening, not because the domains aren’t good, but because the reserves are not realistic on most domains and because you have stone walled many bidders who want to bid online or anonymously.

  11. Rick Schwartz

    Andrew, Thanks for your BULLSHIT email accusing me of not posting your comments. I posted them BEFORE I even read your email. I posted your original accusations and such. So if I were censoring as you accused me of doing with your comments, why would I have posted the first one? DUH!
    As for an apology coming from ME, about your ordeal with domains you were being accused of stealing last year, until NOW, I have NEVER uttered a word about it publicly. Not a word. So now YOU can apologize for two things!
    I never uttered a word because I did not know all the facts to come to a conclusion. Can you show me one place anywhere that I said something?? NO you can’t because you made that up just as you did with the .XXX bullshit.
    NOW I have MORE information about you and that factors in to what I believe and what I don’t.
    You are losing credibility by the second. You came here with an agenda and a purpose to pee on our auction. Consider your mission accomplished. Sorry it backfired in your face. Sorry you insulted so many people that may have been or become your customers. But you revealed yourself, not me.
    XXX would be INSANE to do business with you after what you accused them and us of.
    And it seems you may be a rookie because you don’t know 99% of the reserves in the auction even tho you say they are overpriced. That makes you look pretty ignorant and agenda driven. Below $50,000 may be $500, $5000, or anything up to $50,000. So how did your BRILLIANT MIND make that leap when you don’t know SHIT?

  12. Andrew

    I didnt accuse anyone of anything. I just said that the .xxx domains are the only ones i think will sell.
    I dont throw around wild accusations, its irresponsible and unprofessional.


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