Need More Money? Don’t get Angry…..ADJUST!! Open Your Mind, Change Your Destiny!!

Morning Folks!!

And around the stretch we come. The last 60 days of the year are likely the best 60 days of the year. It is the time that deal making is done and things begin to happen. Big things happen. Poker time. Capitulation. Triumph. Winners and Losers. And in some cases, desperation.

The last week of the year is my favorite week. Lots of deals to be done and done quickly. The clock is running. Just one more big deal on the spreadsheet will make the year look better. Some spreadsheets a bit weak. A lot weak.

Decline? Now? Not going to happen. But that does not address weakness. The strong eat the weak and feeding season is here. The days of whistling past the graveyard are about to be over as folks deal with financial reality.

The weak are angry and frustrated and feel like they have run out of options. In some cases they have. In other cases they are just looking in the wrong places. They need a set of fresh eyes. Come OUT of the “Domain Cocoon” and realize the Internet has been built around you since the last time you surfaced. It’s no longer a barren and empty universe. It is a hustling, bustling marketplace that the entire world is participating in.

If you saw the 60 Minute Interview with Steve Jobs Biographer and then the story about the iPad after, you know we are on the door step of great achievement via new tools we have. If you did not see 60 Minutes, WTF?? Stuff like that is priceless.

I can only repeat something so many times. But as bad as things are, I will stubbornly say there is more opportunity on this earth TODAY than any moment in history. But if you don’t recognize that you are stuck. Stuck. Stuck in your mind because somewhere along the line our “Inner Robot” took over. You have to over power that inner robot. It is programmed to the point of being weighed down by “Conventional thinking” and “Bullshit”.

There is no substitute for good ideas. There is never an abundance of good ideas. Good ideas are in demand in good times and bad and I would say more demand than ever right now.

Sit down with an iPad or iPhone. What could that magic box do next? No iPad? No iPhone. That’s like a carpenter without a level. Without multiple tools in the tool box while other carpenters are working faster and better and smarter and more. I mean to be a success you have to arm yourself for success. You can buy them both pretty cheap and you don’t need a contract for wi-fi.

Sorry, I always get sidetracked when it comes to those two items. Came out in 2007. Now it is nearly 2012. Even if you love your Crackberry, you can’t afford not to have the other devices.

I just believe that if one were forced to sit down with just those 2 items that you could figure out a solution to something that needs to be solved that would be profitable.

Ok, back to the subject at hand. We all learn new things every day. Things change and evolve and interact differently. If you believe in the domains you have, stick with them. But I am here to tell you that most domains I see have no value whatsoever and never will have any value. But it is costing folks $8 for each one. A liability. Just turn that $8 in a different direction.

We buy domains and we don’t have a crystal ball to see the future. We can only guess how things will unfold. Once we learn that it isn’t going to unfold that way, it is time to let go and regroup.

It does amaze me that what is supposed to be a forward looking group is sometimes anything but. What I have found is those that were first with domains in the 90's and early 2000's continue to be first today. They get to places early. They see things before others follow. They take risk when others laugh. They continue to do what made them successful NEVER KNOWING when they will hit a gold mine. But always out there in the right places and earlier than most others. Those that are late, continue to be late. It's very visible to my eye. Sure, that will get some upset. But I see what I see and share it and hopefully one willing mind figures it out. But those willing minds are very few and far between. 6 billion people and a few folks that do what we do.

Most of us have all the domains we need. Unless something special comes along our path we will likely not buy right now. It is time to comb through our portfolios because we have so much more information about how things have unfolded and what has been successful and what has failed. Look how much more information we have to APPLY to what we own. A fresh set of eyes is what may be needed to unlock what you already have in your possession.

Don't get Angry.....ADJUST!! Open Your Mind, Change Your Destiny!! YOU and only YOU have that power. If you think some outside force is holding you back, got news for ya. You are WRONG and maybe today is the day you will learn it. Don't go through life another day believing ANYONE or ANYTHING or any GOVERNMENT can contain a burning desire. Not a force on earth can stop such passion.

So use these next 60 days and do something DIFFERENT! Don't let what is happening out there pass you by. Get into the game. Don't be brainwashed that things are bad. They are only bad for those that are dependant on a system that is broken. Mostly by laziness and/or corruption or by an attitude that folks think they are entitled to free fish. Learn where the fish are yourself. Learn to fish yourself. Learn to embrace learning. Never be a slave to what is easy or meaningless. Fear only what others tell you that you can't do or achieve. Fear that you will listen to them. Now change your direction if you are not happy with the results you are getting. But first stop what you are doing. Stop digging. Start climbing.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “Need More Money? Don’t get Angry…..ADJUST!! Open Your Mind, Change Your Destiny!!

  1. Mickey Young

    Fantastic Rick! Thank you for having the courage to inspire, educate and to lead the way. You probably don’t have to do this, but you do it anyway…and not out of a spirit of boasting. You sincerely want other folks to experience success. Keep it up because there are many more than you think who are listening. This is the first time I can remember posting anything, but you should know that 5 years ago one of your traffic videos inspired me to get into domain investing. Thank you!

  2. Amanda

    Absolutely! You are so right. I for one, am going to take the next 60 days to make some serious changes.

  3. Kevin Davis

    Great article Rick and if you don’t mind I want plug my new site DomainerSwag.Com or just click on my name and the link will take you there.A new site for Domainers to get T-shirts,Stickers,Stockings Etc.There was no one doing this and a void to be filled.Anyway I’m am always trying to stay positive in this biz.I ain’t a big dog yet as far as sales but I ain’t a puppy either.I love domaining and it gets me going.Shameless plug I know but needed to be seen.Cheers,Kevin Davis

  4. Don M

    Siri is a big changer for domain names if looking in the future 5 years from now when everyone is using it. All in good way. New opp for domain names will come because of it. It changes the way we search now. That is all I have to say.

  5. David

    40 Year Old (Domainer) Virgin
    Thanks Rick, Great Post! Perfect Timing!
    I hit the Big 40 today…seems like you wrote this just for me. I’ve been reading this message from you and others for YEARSsss… but today I am REALLY listening and taking ACTION. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” Even though we have never met or communicated I’m sure you know me Well. You must cause I am the warning you just wrote about. 977 $8 domains, Coding 70+ hour per wk, reading blogs and blogs and boards and mags and and and… ENOUGH. All of this has kept my shovel dirty. So I am putting down my shovel and using the ladder. Fear had me with 1 foot in and 1 foot out, time to go ALL IN. Thanks to all the great business leaders that share and inspire, like yourself, the ladder is strong and stable. OK so this was my FIRST reply EVER and FIRST contact with someone in the domain world. Goodbye Domainer Virginity!!! Next step sell some names and get my sites live.
    Thanks again Rick for my Birthday message.
    You also made me remember one of my favorite quotes ..
    “It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.” Jim Rohn

  6. Peter Winslade

    Enjoy your article Rick and read whatever you post when i find them.I maybe from down under on this planet in New Zealand, but i luv domaining stuff” …
    My take is it takes imagination and creativity to acquire names , not mention good fortune … my recent acquisition being and was surprised it was available.
    Many thanks learning from you,

  7. steve cheatham

    Hi Rick, I am alreday on it. New tools put in place first half of year. Momentum is building. Output beginning to show results.
    Next year is Internet 4.0 for us.

  8. Jason Stewart

    adapt! love your attitude and messages Rick! I don’t even need to read your posts for inspiration. One interview by DomainSherpa and a headline from you is all I need.


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