to Hit the Auction Block at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. What is the Value?

Evening Folks!!

Things are moving faster than I can even respond to the emails. The bargains are coming and the folks with nice domains see we are going to have a serious auction with serious domainers making serious bids. Why? Becuase it is meant to work by having people walk away with bargains. Some of the .XXX domains are going to fly well ahead of their reserves. So while some reserves may only be $15k, $25k, $50k, bidders will bid it up to the proper level. The MARKET will speak.

Just got in and it is priced to sell on October 18th. What do you think a domain like this is worth? What will the high bid be? The owner gave me a price sure to garner loads of bids and somebody WILL buy this domain 2 weeks from tomorrow. So what say you?

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “ to Hit the Auction Block at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. What is the Value?

  1. Uzoma

    I like, and, a whole lot.
    I saw some .CO’s in the auction list, and was wondering if you can add my http://ELIMINATE.CO I even have it developed into an awesome game site? Hopefully, Eric of Impulse sees this and use it to replace his :-)

  2. UFO.ORG

    Socials sounds like SE Asian speak for Social. Like having some Fruits. Don’t think Socials is a destination gathering place for socials as social media such as Facebook etc etc can already do that and have the standardisation and mass of people that are interested already. The only way to break into the market really is to have a better product offering which is effecting coding and not a”killer” URL. Besides social media and social people tend to be attune to novel web address names rather than generics than match more standardised homogenous product that is more difficult to differentiate.
    Me. is sub 50k.

  3. James

    Agree with – the ‘s’ kills it; doesn’t make sense; sounds awkward; is in effect a brandable but likely looking for generic money.
    BTW, the $2.6m singular still doesn’t resolve.


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