Something for Everyone. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction Has All Price Points and Variety

Morning Folks!!

Well the domain line up is all set at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domains from $1 to $3MM and there are domains at nearly every price level and every wallet. My job is not to sit and tell you why you should bid on a particular domain. That is not my style. That is your job. My job is to give you something to think about. To tell you this is a single chance at a unique asset. Many registered a VERY long time ago and some much more recently.

I listed each domain as they were accepted. Sometimes that is like watching sausage being made. A number of factors have to happen to have a successful auction. The most important is having a domain that multiple people will walk into the auction ready to bid on because it is a bargain. That is true from 'No Reserve' to even domains at $800,000 and everything higher and lower. So agressively priced reserves have the best chance of exceeding their reserve. Plus it sets a market. It sets a floor. It's just attractive and it attracts bidders.

So the reason the TRAFFIC auction will be great is because it was built from the ground up with that always in the back of my mind. That was my base test for selection.

There are lots of opinions one way or another on the auction. I am confident that we have the right balance and that is only being backed up By Mike Berken's poll in which folks were asked: 'Which Domain(s) will sell at the TRAFFIC Auction? As of this writing with only 57 voters so far, all but 5 domains have been selected to sell at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.. So I think that demonstrates just how fluid this auction is because there are domains in there that many would LOVE to own and add to their portfolios.

When selecting I had to look at it through many different sets of eyes in order for this to come out the way I wanted it to come out. So there is a wide variety of domains, extensions and price points. Plus some 25 domains with no reserve whatsoever! Domainers that trust the market to get a fair price.

Below is the entire list and order of the auction. in Just SIX days, you will see the most exciting auction the industry has seen in years. Exciting, fun, and a boatload of sales!

Congratulations and Good Luck to all buyers, sellers and bidders! A special thanks for those that listed their domains because they believe in what we are trying to do and want to help us accomplish it! I believe about 50% of you will hit paydirt and the rest will at least get some idea of what the market deems as the value among the top domainers in the world as we start bidding at either $1, $100 or $1000 depending on the value of the domain. The bidding increments are already preset until the last few bids on each and every domain. We won't insult you by asking for a $500,000 opening bid on a domain that can't even fetch $50,000. We will start it at $1000 and together we will see where the MARKET takes it.

Rick Schwartz

View the live auction RIGHT HERE!

Lot #

1 Reserve under $25,000
2. Reserve under $10,000
5. Reserve under $50,000
6. Rice.TV Reserve under $5000
8. Reserve under $5,000
9. Reserve under $10,000
10. Reserve under $10,000
11. & Reserve under $10,000
12. Reserve under $25,000
13. Reserve under $1500
14. Reserve under $1500
15. Reserve under $10,000
16. Reserve under $200,000
17. Reserve under $10,000
18. Reserve under $30,000
19. Reserve under $50,000
20. Reserve under $10,000
22. Reserve under $10,000
23. Reserve under $10,000
25. Juicy.XXX Reserve under $15,000
26. Reserve under $650,000
28. Reserve under $50,000
30. Reserve under $50,000
31. and Reserve under $85,000
32. Trading.TV Reserve under $12,500
34.;; Reserve under $100,000
35. Reserve under $10,000
36. Chatroom.XXX Reserve under $15,000
39. Hotties.XXX Reserve under $15,000
40. Reserve under $20,000
42. Reserve under $20,000
43. Reserve under $20,000
44. Reserve under $50,000
45. and NO RESERVE
46. Reserved For a Category Killer Domain Name Reserve Under $750,000
47. Reserve under $100,000
48. Singles.XXX Reserve under $80,000
49. Reserve under $7500
51. Reserve under $40,000
52. Reserve under $10,000
53. Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000
*Package Reserve under $50,000
55. Blondes.XXX Reserve under $50,000
56. OUI.TV Reserve under $5000
58. Reserve under $15,000
59. Reserve under $25,000
60. Reserve under $10,000
61. Reserve $3MM
62. Reserve under $5000
63. Party.XXX Reserve under $60,000
64. Reserve under $3,000
66. Reserve under $125,000
67. Reserve under $30,000
68. Reserve under $25,000
69. Reserve under ???,000
70. Reserve under $3500
71. Virtual.XXX Reserve under $15,000
73. Reserve under $30,000
74. Reserve under $350,000
75. Reserve under $75,000
76. Reserve under $25,000
77. Reserve under $500,000
79. Reserve under $5,000
80. Reserve under $3,000
81. Reserve under $5000
82. Reserve under $5,000
83. Reserve under $10,000
84. Reserve under $10,000
85. Reserve under $10,000
86. and .net Reserve REDUCED under $275,000
87. Reserve under $30,000
88. Reserve under $50,000
89. (chinese for 'casino') NO RESERVE
91. Reserve under $10,000
92.,, Reserve under $10,000
94. Reserve under $5000
95. Reserve under $35,000
97. Orgy.XXX Reserve under $50,000
98. Wet.TV Reserve under $6000
99. Reserve under $10,000
101. and Reserve under $70,000
102. Adult Portfolio includes: /, Reserve $100,000
104. Reserve under $30,000
106. Reserve under $35,000
107. Men.Mobi NO RESERVE
108. Reserve under $250,000
109. Reserve under $800,000
110. and Reserve under $20,000
111. Reserve under $100,000
112. Stars.XXX Reserve under $100,000
113. GreatBritain.TV NO RESERVE
114. Reserve under $50,000
115. Reserve under $200,000
116. Reserve under $800,000
117. Reserve under $800,000
118. and Reserve $1.5MM
119. Reserve $1MM
120. TBA

View the live auction RIGHT HERE!


18 thoughts on “Something for Everyone. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction Has All Price Points and Variety

  1. Tony

    80% on the list is a tier above junk. If I saw drop, I would pass on picking it up for reg fee. Not trying to bash, just keeping it real.

  2. Ian

    Just noticed & at $1.5m. For those facing times of austerity (Or Eco Carbon neutral) then I have and that I hand registered 5 minutes ago and avail for $50k USD. Big market, brandable and yours for a snip. Get your oars out, we’re going to make some small waves in the market.

  3. Meyer

    Do you think oarboats is in the same class as sailboats?
    That is like comparing a old shack in the hills of Utah to
    a ocean front home in Miami.
    If you want to advertise your domains, place an add with
    DnJournal or TobyClements.
    (Rick is mellowing, in the old days he would have
    said it first.)
    As for bashing the other domains, just because you don’t
    see the value doesn’t mean it is not there.
    (Disclaimer – I don’t have any domains in the auction.)

  4. Rick Schwartz

    (Rick is mellowing, in the old days he would have said it first.)
    Meyer, LOL, I bet you change your mind when you see my next blog post. I am what you call….”Loaded for bear” :-)

  5. dcmike77

    FYI – typo on Also, for and – not sure if it’s intentional to have one singular and one plural.
    Just bringing to your attention.
    ***Thanks, was misspelled but the other is correct.

  6. cobsee

    I was wondering if there is EVER going to be a time when someone of stature in the domain business actually sells a name at a fair price.
    Looks like a bunch of”shot taking” to me. I guess those seasoned domainers feel they can try to unload their manure that they don’t want at an auction and nobody will see what they are trying to do.
    It really is shameful. What the hell is And with a reserve under 40K. Wow….you can’t be serious. I mean, if there is a human being on the planet who would rather have that name instead of almost any sum I want to know who the idiot is.
    At least for under 25k at least doesn’t make you cringe with embarrassment. That actually might make sense.
    But please tell me if you seriously believe there is a human being among the 7 billion walking the planet who would rather have than 3 million in cold hard cash. My God. There can’t possibly be someone who would rather have the name than the money.
    Once again. These auctions seem to be where insiders try to get over on others. Go ahead and try to list these names at the forums where everyone can see them. You might not sell a single name at these prices.

  7. fizz

    dcmike77 pointed out”typo on” (extra ‘r’) and Rick responds”Thanks, was misspelled…”
    After so many years I too find it hard to leave the ‘m’ off the .co…

  8. Organizationer

    I am wondering why Rick never replied my application to list my domains for $5k and $10k ($250 and $350 listing fees) for,, and but accept the other domains which have even few searches per month according to google keywords tool.

  9. Rick Schwartz

    It was because we received these domains after the deadline for that price range. So nothing other than that. Thanks for your submission and hopefully you will give us a shot next year.

  10. UseYourHead

    C’mon, Elaine. Use your head a bit. You registered the name before they even thought about it. So they trademarked the name. So what? You shouldn’t need Rick to hold your hand on this.
    You should be excited about it. Do you really think that the system is set up so that you don’t have rights in this name?
    Here you are getting a gift and golden opportunity, yet you seem to sound like it is a bad thing that happened.

  11. J.R.

    Poor business mentality. What’s trash for one person may be gold for someone else. There is no such things as Fair Market Price. Third party valuations are just conclusions based upon selected information. It depends of the information and the interpretation. Those are variables in time, place, person, targeted group, ets. etc. Many domains sold for many, many $$$$$$$$ than valuated. If You want something, then do what it takes to have it: Pay and don’t say it’s unfair if somebody thinks it’s more worth for him than for You.


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