The Blame Game Defined. Are you Set to be Successful or Destined for Failure?

Morning folks!!

Everyone seems to look “Outwards” for solutions that only the individual can make. Some look to the government for all their needs. When they are not met, they get mad at the folks giving them what they have and need to begin with. Where is the logic in that?

Anytime you are not looking within yourself for solutions, you are on the wrong path. Almost every solution comes from within. Within us. WE have that power. Whether it is used or not is up to each of us.

Events can empower you or you can be paralyzed by events. You are the only one in control. Nobody else. Every shortcoming comes from within. Every achievement comes from within.

Success comes from a thought pattern and a thought process. It comes from action instead of inaction. We are wired one way when we are born and spend a lifetime trying to civilize ourselves. Every habit we are born with is almost exactly the opposite the habit we need to learn. Starting with the most basic. Figure it out.

Whether you do great things in life is solely up to you. But great things are flukes if you can’t repeat it. If you don’t understand the process that led you there. If the mechanics and foundation are not in place, then it is solely luck. But you need to only get lucky once if you follow up and understand what circumstances influenced that luck.


I don’t care who or what you are in life. What color, nationality or religion, if you don’t have those elements then life will be harder not easier. Bitter not sweeter. Unfulfilled not fulfilled. Those are the elements. Just some of them. They add up to wisdom. They add up to having a better chance of success than those that don’t think that way. It ALL comes from within. So those that lash out, you expose your failures not the failures of those you point to and blame.

I root for everyone to succeed. The point of this post is to change one person's destiny. Just one. If not, I would never use my time to write this. Some get offended, some thank me for a good swift kick in the pants.

I will be giving out a gift at TRAFFIC next week. I am hoping that there will be multiple successes from this gift. I want to change lives and the destiny of some lives. The written word is just one of my tools to accomplish that.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “The Blame Game Defined. Are you Set to be Successful or Destined for Failure?

  1. Scott Alliy

    Great post Rick
    Some Make It Happen
    Some Watch It Happen
    Some wonder What the Hell Happened
    Some Protest others activities events the world
    Some are too busy making their world as they would like it
    Choice is each of ours
    Domainers with names to sell that dont’t post them on many sites for free are ones that puzzle me
    Reminds me of the Saturday nite live skit where the shop owners was too proud or too in love with their chickens to sell them and in the process lost sales
    Interestingly you don’t even have to figure out the path thanks to the Internet you can read all about the path already blazed by other experts in your field of endeavor or whatever you are trying to accomplish
    As I encourage people
    You don’t have to do everything today
    You just have to do something
    Here’s to hoping people read your inspiring words and decide to do SOMETHING towards achieving their own peice their own happiness their own success or whatever their Goals [keyword] are.

  2. Bruce

    Too many followers and not enough leaders. This is a business, not a hobby. You only win if you put a plan together and execute that plan.

  3. Coder

    A couple of days ago I met with someone who for the last few years have been struggling financially. He wanted to meet, talk, hear some advice. We met at Starbucks, he usually isn’t busy and do a couple of hours of tech consulting or math tutoring for side income. He said with a smirk”I try to do the least to get the most” and I said”In your position when you’re struggling, you’ve just defined what laziness is”. I could see it landed on him like a rock, he didn’t like to hear it, and I left few minutes later.

  4. Jim Holleran

    Awesome Post!!! You are so much like my dad who passed away 2 days ago at 84. He would tell me the same words growing up, and because of him, and guys like you, I listened and had some good success in this business. Thanks for telling it how it is!!! Your an inspiration Rick!!!

  5. steve

    Rick, they can either do this or they can keep demanding the government do more for them. Gee, I wonder what they will choose…
    Every time I asked people for even slow and simple work to start they rebuffed me.
    The people who will believe you are the ones who already learned it and have those merits already.
    People treat everything like a slot machine.
    The truth is the complexities you talk about take years and years for most. Then who is going to work as hard as it takes to get a great website up. It took me 20 years almost. People stealing from me. People outright lying to me and then denying it and still thinking they can partner me…..
    I’ve seen people with money try and buy success and all they did was hand some Indians a ton of money who laughed at them I am sure.
    I’ve fired everyone, EVERYONE I have hired.
    To this day the funniest thing is having my best friend announce his company is selling and telling me about the pool and stuff he is going to buy with his 5 million in stock options. Then when I asked what about me and the business we were going to start and him replying ‘I’m retired and never ever going to program another system for the rest of my life’. Then laughing in my face and saying ‘Well good luck.’ The deal fell through and soon after the companies biggest client dumped um and they are worth only 5% of what they once were.
    So all I thought was is this guy such a POS to call me and…then the phone rang and said I owed him money from our partnership.
    The fact is this stuff only makes sense when you get to the top of the mountain and look down. You see why the huge IQ guys fail constantly. You see everything so clearly. You see what makes a good CEO/leader. You see people blame others for their own faults.
    And you see them run to the government for help who just uses them to enrich themselves.
    I am about ready to F$#$ this country.

  6. Kevin Davis

    Great post Rick I have been in a funk the last couple days. Today my mind is in a better place and then I read your article and you confirmed it,thanks.It all comes from within.


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