T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction Results, High Bids and Sales Posted.

Morning Folks!!

And now we start adding the and considering the dividends of a no nonsense auction. Below is the list of each domain and whether it was sold (left) or the high bid (right) is listed if it did not sell. This does not establish a market value but it does show what some of the top domainers in the world would pay on that day. Each auction was started at eith $1, $100, or $1000 and worked up from there. All we can do is build on what works and adjust what does not.

The 'Guaranteed Placement Program' was a hit. It allowed 19 domain owners to take control and promote with a guaranteed placement. It is not for everyone. But it is part of a successful auction formula. It will be something we will use in the future. I just hope folks jump on it earlier and take 6 months to advertise and get the info out. 5 domains sold from that group. In return they got guaranteed placement at their asking price, at a place and time certain and were able to get a significantly discounted commission. We will start accepting domains for our October 2012 auction starting in April.

Couple notes:

I was thinking if all domains in the auction were no reserve and each sold for $2000 then it would be 100% sell rate and I would do the same $$$ volume. So while the perception is nice, the reality is you get a lot of base on balls and the same runs scored but no chance to get a hit or a homer or a grand slam. For a guy that is always swinging for singles and homers, not my style.

The audience needs $$$, we need credibility and the domains have to be priced for the market. We will get there. Confidence takes time. The big dollars are with end users. It's not easy to get multiple end users interested in a specific domain at a specific time. Yet. But that may be changing and as things evolve, we will evolve with it.

Rick Schwartz

LNX.com 5000
CamQuarter.com 100
Campaigning.com S 10,000
BirthDisorder.com S 2,500
FortLauderdale.org 2500
Rice.tv S 2,000
Emril.com S 4,000
ThermalScanners.com S 2,000
PitShop.com 500
TrainingSession.com 2000
Rapper.tv & Rappers.tv S 5,000
TennisPlayer.com S* 9,000
Touchdown.co 1000
Harddrives.com 850
Sub.co 1000
Tie.com 80000
Keyholders.com 5000
CashBusiness.com 750
OpticalCare.com 2500
Assumptions.com 1000
Local.xxx S 6,000
Her.co 500
Philadelphia.org 9500
AutomaticPayments.com S 3,000
Juicy.xxx S 2,500
Porn.org 25000
Iconsumers.com S 1,500
RedeemCoupons.com 5000
Ilocations.com S 500
ShopLine.com 500
FamiliesOnline.com and 500
Trading.tv 2000
BodySprays.com S 3,000
FloridaBeaches.com 5000
RedeemingCoupons.com 100
Chatroom.xxx S 10,000
iCabin.com S 400
iCamps.com S 600
Hotties.XXX S 3,500
Bashful.com 5000
ForSale.mobi S 600
Prompter.com 1000
NoCreditLoan.com 2500
CertifiedUsedCars.com 22500
GoldDomains.com S 1,500
BusinessAdministration.com/.net/.co 25000
Singles.XXX 19000
Protecting.me 1500
VinylAlbums.com S 2,750
MP3PlayerAccessories.com 1000
LaborCloud.com/LabourCloud.com S 2,000
Personals.XXX S 25,000
WineImports.com 6000
Blondes.XXX 5000
OUI.TV S 600
MarketingWebinar.com S 600
USAflights.com 3000
OrlandoTravel.com 12000
StreamingBids.com 1000
Power.com 250000
FreePreviews.tv 100
Party.XXX 25000
Emoticon.co 400
goldjewelry.co S 750
England.tv 2500
MedicalPolicy.com 100
OnlineRealty.com S 12,500
Sex.co 60000
Amigo.me 1000
Virtual.XXX S 5,000
CoinSet.com S 3,500
Makeovers.tv 100
Optical.com 35000
Reportnews.com/Reportnews.net 1000
WorldTradeCenters.com 1000
Movies.xxx 80000
FunnyCrap.com S 1,500
BeverlyHillsShowroom.com 500
Approvals.co 500
Cloudfield.com S 500
Slangster.com 400
LooseBeads.com 500
FreshVegetables.com S+ 5000
OceanProperty.com S 6,750
Verification.com and .net 50000
TutoringService.com 10000
Mosques.com 20000
Duchang.co S 500
iPerformer.com S 200
M4A.com 2000
DomainSuccess.com 500
GrandNames.com, EarthChamps.com
SexyNudes.com S 3,750
StarBonds.com 1500
Proposition.com 6000
iSinger.com S 800
Orgy.XXX S 25,000
Wet.TV S *2,800
Organic.info 2000
BeautifulNudes.com S 3,250
MovieTheater.com S 46,000
Adult Portfolio 4500
iWage.com S 1,500
Evaluated.com 500
iWet.com S 200
Siesta.com S *20,000
Men.Mobi S 500
Bidet.com 5000
Insulation.com 25000
689.com and 002.com S 38,000
Socials.com 19000
Stars.xxx 15000
GreatBritain.tv S 500
Tumors.com 32500
Avatars.com 50000
MexicoCity.com 150000
Prague.com 200000
Sailboats.com, MotorBoats.com 100000
Cheese.com 425000

5 thoughts on “T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction Results, High Bids and Sales Posted.

  1. Jason Walker

    Some interesting ones that didn’t sell there (was the reserve price not met?) and amazing what some people will pay for domain names.
    I hope they are worth it in the end!

  2. EmergingDomains

    @ Rick said:”I just hope folks jump on it earlier and take 6 months to advertise and get the info out.”
    It sounds like a plan. It makes sense.
    The ideal would be to close submissions six months ahead, and encourage participants to focus on marketing.
    No last minute entries which benefit from the grunt work of people who put in hours enticing end users. How is that fair?
    It would entail RESTRAINT on the part of the auction organziers, to turn away submissions after the six-month cut-off. No last-minute multi-million dollar reserve names.

  3. Altaf

    Hi Rick,
    Mission accomplished! You (& your team) had to work hard over the years that we know how persistent were, as we have been following you. From a zero state you started your mission to let people know the value of domains. And where we reached today. You never stopped from telling us. It’s not an easy task! We are sure that one day Auction will be 100% successful like T.R.A.F.F.I.C.However, some more education required on auction & prior marketing of domains.
    Wishing you best of luck!

  4. Serendipity

    the last bids were very strong all things considered imo on the final .com’s
    great domains as they are. maybe reserves a little high
    I think just to say xxx,xxx reserve etc is good enough, leave a little guessing
    I hope in next Traffic to see pureplay .coms next time . The best of the best. That would be amazing
    may submit a few myself
    would you be able to give the link where you explain how to submit and how much to pay to submit please Rick?


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