My Site and Words from 1996……..Just a Blog Post Today. My Vision Then and the Reality of Now.

Morning Folks!!

The following is what I wrote in 1996 with updates into 2000. But the updates never changed the words of the text below. They are original. The only thing that changed were the dates, news to keep it current. Let's calibrate theory then with the reality of today. The Internet itself was still in doubt as crazy as that sounds today. What was my site in 1996-1998 is merely a blog post today.

I then upgraded to This Site which was an early incarnation of It's still online and connected but even takes me about 10-15 minutes to find as I click all types of links. lol Now I have a place to reference it.

But I was not done. I then came out with these 2 'Flash Sites.'

The First one was here and the one I eventually used was here. They were both done by an 18 year old kid back then from South America who made quite a name for himself in the domain industry since. Mateus. (spelling?)

But even they were a problem because back in 1999-2000, connections were slow. The majority had a very slow modem and DSL was just in limited markets. So not that far into the future I developed my current site and it has been online ever since. I update it about once a year.

Either way, it all started with these words that I wrote in 1996-1999 and have been the foundation of everything I believe today. Those beliefs were confirmed in September 2000 when one of my wildest predictions came true. In 1996 I dreamed someday that every single billboard in Times Square would be a .Com. And so it came to be just 4 years later and I cried like a baby. That was the single boldest prediction I had ever made and to see the reality was overwhelming.

'They may have laughed when somebody wasted $24 to buy Manhattan way back when. Today you would have to struggle to buy lunch there for that same $24. It's all about Vision!! That's right VISION! What will it do to the value of the property when the rest of the world gets on the net?
Yes it is true that these domains were free, then just $100 each. But that was yesterday and just like Manhattan, you can't buy at yesterdays prices. Value is all relative. Some of these domains cost us more than $100,000 each and others are escalating at thousands a month!! While they laughed at us for 'Wasting' time and money in 1996 and 1997 as we put this collection together, the truth is: Electronic Real Estate (erealestate) in cyberspace, is destined to be some of the most valued property EVER known to man! Time is of the essence!

The power of an electronic address can only be imagined by examples such as Dell Computer announcing that they do a $1 million a day in sales on the internet as of March 1997! (Increasing 6x that as of May 1998!!) Would anyone have believed them if they announced that in 1996? Not only are they doing sales at a rate in excess of $2 billion a year, I would venture to say it is their most profitable because their overhead may only be a fraction of a conventional sale. Plus those figures are escalating daily.
And folks....That ain't nothing......This next little tidbit will floor you! Late in April 1997, Chrysler announced something so incredible that they are still clamoring. Remember, it was not but a few years ago that Chrysler had losses of $400 and $500 million. They released a statement and it basically stated that because of the internet and being able to streamline their operations to take advantage of the net's power, they would be able to SAVE $2 BILLION PER YEAR in cost cutting alone!!! That's without even talking about sales!!! THAT'S $2 BILLION A YEAR IN SAVINGS!!

Not even the price of land in Manhattan nor anywhere else on the planet accelerated to the degree of the net and this is just the beginning. By the end of 1997 the mainstream may realize just how much they underestimated how quickly the public would embrace the internet. People you never thought would use it have now gone out and learned so they can easily stay in touch with their children and grandchildren via email. This fact simply amazing!
Simply put folks.....'If you build it.....they will come' It's that simple. Their 'Field of dreams' was on a baseball diamond....this 'Field of dreams' is on a slightly larger playing surface. is open to Lease, Trade, Develop or joint venture our properties. Some domains are already under contract and more are going all the time. Speaking of time....don't waste any. If you have an idea the time to act is right now. If you are interested in one then I suggest you start a dialogue with us immediately. With all the wild get rich schemes that are available out there maybe it is time to stop wasting your time. Become a visionary.Remember....'Today's visionary is tomorrow's genius!'

And Just one more thing.....
Listen folks, this is the gold rush and the industrial revolution all rolled up into one, only bigger, better, easier and a lot more profitable. The gold rush is in full swing and every minute you delay is a silly minute wasted. The net has given everyone an equal shot at a piece of the pie. It's a brand new race and everyone has a nearly equal chance. If you can read this then you have no argument and if you have a burning desire then nobody can stop you.

In cyberspace nobody knows if you are black or if you are white, if you are rich or poor, tall or short, fat or skinny, clean or dirty, handicapped or healthy, Christian or Jew etc., ....They know only two things....the content of what you have to say and a way to communicate effectively to people from all walks of life and from around the globe. Plus the value you put on your own character. Consisting of your credibility, your honesty, your integrity, and your devotion to do things the right way without taking advantage of others. This will be either your greatest asset or a liability that will inevitably be your downfall. You don't judge a book by its cover, In cyberspace you are judged by your content. Of course a nice cover such as a great domain name couldn't hurt.
The opportunity that any one of these domains can give to an individual or company who can accomplish what they set their minds to is truly a gift that has dropped in their lap. Now it is up to you to see if you have the guts, the drive and the creativity you need to acquire your dream.
Look over our domains. Allow yourself to come up with a creative idea. You only need one idea...the rest they will write about. Remember, these are not imaginative and silly type domains. These are domains that while standing alone with no other words tell the world exactly what you have in just an easy to remember electronic address! Remember our motto.......'Today's visionary is tomorrow's genius!' We genuinely believe that if YOU DO build it.....they WILL come.
In closing, consider the following........

If you BELIEVE you 'CAN'......then you are RIGHT!!
If you BELIEVE you 'CAN'T'....then you are also RIGHT!!'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz