My Mitt Romney Domain Name Report.

Morning Folks!!

It was early in 2005. I Googled his name. Could not even find the right spelling back then. Nor his REAL name. I had to guess. This was a guy I started following years earlier when he took the olympics plagued with corruption and about to collapse and save it back in 2002. That got my attention. Being Governor of Massachusetts. The most liberal state in the USA, got my attention. I was a fan. But nobody really ever heard of him back then. I even remember when his father George Romney ran for President because in grade school I could name all the Governors, Senators and most world leaders and he was Governor of Michigan.

Willard is his REAL first name.I did not know how to spell his name. So I got,,, PresidentRomney.TV, MittRomney.TV, and so on. A total of over 50 of them and different variations. Some are now 'Pigeon Shit' because they refer to 2008. At least they are not on auto renew as of today. lol

So here is a little quiz. Do you know which one gets the most type ins? Do you know which one earns the most? To me it is an exercise in Human Nature as I sat with these names for the last 7 1/2 years. I even had the audacity to register in 2005 and as we all saw, that almost came to be! How's that for a LONG ball??

But I have watched one of those domain names grow from no traffic for years to over 200/day right now and growing. I will see if it continues to grow and when it eventually plateaus. I can say this, it has been a very steady increase in traffic for several months. It is almost a barometer of how he is doing. Raw Human Nature hard at work from an embryo and my job is to observe the numbers and figure out what that means as those numbers change.

But the highlight of my week came in the form of Another guy I have followed for many years that ran for VP. I got that domain in 2002. He died a few years ago. I admired him. But this week I was able to make contact with his foundation I just learned about and have offered to transfer at no cost.

Come to think of it I got the names of many of my friends and brothers and others when they all thought I was crazy for doing it. I just knew how important it was to land in the right hands someday. Must of cost me thousands if I added it all up. But some gifts are priceless and I knew back then that their name may become their most important asset. They laughed, told me not to waste my money but I knew what I saw and refused to let the names go. Just put them all on auto renew until the world caught up. I would say we are at that point now.

I did that with in 1996 and 1 or 2 others over the years. Their foundation wanted to make me an offer to buy the domain. I told them if they can prove they were with the foundation that actually represented Yogi that I would just transfer it to them and I wanted nothing in return. They were thankful for what I did and a few weeks later I got some autographed baseballs from Yogi. I still have them in my office.

I registered and was able to give it to Joe Torre. Ironically, he was the first autogragh I ever got as a 12 year old kid as the Met's played the Braves in the 1960's. But as I look today, it seems it was lost, or dropped or something as I got it back in 1996 and it now shows a parked page registerd in 2010.

Reminds me....Tia Wood, Please put in a transfer for I know in marketing that some folks like ME for example always thought her names was Tia Woods. When I found out there was no 'S' and the domain with the 'S' was available, I grabbed it for her. It was too early to transfer and until this post I forgot all about it. But I know that is a domain she NEEDS to have.

When Dean Shannon had his first baby boy in 1998. I registered and still have it to this day. I KNOW someday SOON they will both want that domain. Wow, he is 14 years old today. I wonder if he would rather have a car or his own domain name when he is 16? But it is HIS domain name. I have just been keeping it safe for him all these years.

The one domain I had hijacked over the years was the 'Family name' of one of my oldest and dearest friends. It has no commercial value but I am still pursuing it to this day.

Still waiting to contact a few others. All of these domains are domains I would be happy to transfer including my Romney domains. But still better in my hands than hands that could do something nefarious with these domains. I was already contacted for that express purpose on which has nothing to do with Romney at all. But they had some 'Political' game that they wanted to use the domain for and I declined the lease.

When Paul Ryan announce his mothers name....I registered it. Then contacted the Romney campaign an offered to transfer. I would transfer any of these names on request. It's not my fault that I see a need for something for somebody in the future that they don't see now.

Domains are about predicting the future not chasing the past! That is why we will never run out. Who got Not me! You got to pay attention to win at this game! But I would have been on it had I heard about it early. That is the Domain Game!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Rooms Dwindling and Rates to DOUBLE in 9 Days!

Morning Folks!!

I will be blasting this out to our mailing list at the beginning of next week but decided to publish it first since it is time sensitive.

On September 10th, (Next Monday) prices on the standard rooms at the Ritz-Carlton go up from our current level of $265 to $639 MINIMUM if they are not sold out. That's more than double per night!! Easily $1000 more on a 3 night stay. Remember, we secured these rooms and rates during the height of the recession and their current room rates reflect that. So if you come for the entire conference, arriving 10/6 and checking out on 10/10, the only availability is a $639 upgraded room unless you book RIGHT NOW at only $265. The best rate I found was $409 but that was for a single night.

For the early bird, Friday is still fine and we have 5 rooms left.

Saturday October 6th, we have the last 14 rooms in the hotel as of 3PM Friday. That's all we can get. They have made it clear. No more. The lowest available room online now is a 1 bedroom suite at $559 as I write this. So when a hotel can sell the same room for twice as much, they are not motivated to give us any help.

To give you an idea, about 1/2 of attendees at this point WILL be there on Saturday Night October 6th. When we originally booked, we only secured 25 rooms because that was before we employed the cabana networking. We are already at over 100 rooms and that does not include the dozens of domainers that live in the area. So Saturday is going to be hopping!

October 7th, 8th and 9th Oceanfront rooms are all sold out. However there are still a couple of 'Ocean View' rooms. There are 192 rooms in the hotel and all but 42 are sold as of right now. That's it! 42 rooms with 5 weeks to go and our rate expiring on September 10th.

If you want to stay post show, I am sorry to say the hotel is now completely sold out on the 10th and the 11th of October. We secured as many rooms as possible, but they are all sold.

This information as of 3PM Friday. I can only urge you to make your hotel reservations before you even buy your show tickets. The rooms will be gone long before we run out of tickets. Again, prices after September 10th on REMAINING ROOMS will likely DOUBLE or TRIPLE if they are not completely sold out with just 42 left as I write this.

Again, if you try and make a reservation and there is any problem, contact me and I will try and accommodate you. But the longer you delay, the less I can help. There is only so much I can do. I don't want anyone to be disappointed. This is a 5 Star Hotel and we have bargain rates!

Lastly, Tickets are now $1795 each. We have 4 tickets left at the $1595 price that we had allotted at that level. First to email me for any or all, will get them.




Rick Schwartz