Nothing can Substitute for Meeting Face to Face

Morning Folks!!

Here is an article from USA Today that helps explain the old way of doing business which just happens to be the most effective way to do business. Sometimes you can reinvent the wheel. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you don't have to and sometimes the wheel is better than the new invention. How's that for a full circle? But if you don't understand the circle, then you don't understand the wheel. And if you don't understand the wheel, it makes it practically impossible to reinvent. And so we just had another circle. Some ideas are GREAT for a circle. And some ideas DIE in the circle. Do you know the difference when it applies to your business and futures?

I always get a kick when a business owner tells me he is not a salesman and is proud of it. Hello?? If you are in business you MUST be a salesman. It's the #1 job description. Now I do understand that some have a different focus, but these guys still must walk and chew gum.

The Internet has been one of the grandest experiments in history. Never have we seen so much, so quick and so often. Look back the last 10 years. Look at all the new friends and business partners you have met and engaged with over the years. Bet your life would be missing a few colors had you not actually met them and looked into their EYES! Their souls. Their upbringing. Their mindset. That 6th sense you get. Never before in the history of the world were so many folks brought together from such various and far places. Just a few short years ago that was not possible. Living longer means doing more things in a shorter amount of time. Some things are time LOCKED. You can't change those things, but you can change the points inside those locks. Add value and experience and wealth and all the rest.

In the USA article it just kinda gets back to basics. The wheel still works ev en tho their is high speed wireless.

'Most people tell me they try to connect with others by sending their resume to a place online or listing their name in a database that they hope someone influential will see. The odds of them meeting their objective? It doesn't seem promising.

How does listing your name with thousands of others get you noticed, let alone inspire someone to want to know more about you?

Sometimes extraordinary things just happen through pure luck or chance.

But I am certain that when you put yourself in situations where you meet eyeball to eyeball, where you can develop a mutual interest with someone and they experience your enthusiasm, the odds of something extraordinary increase greatly.'

See folks, when you mix certain ingredients together and it is good, it becomes a recipe. You do it EXACTLY the same because the result ALWAYS works. Now there are always 100 chefs in the kitchen that want to add a little of this or a little of that. And it is always great to try ONE different ingredient. And see of you have a better recipe or not. If not, go back to the basic recipe OR you risk destroying the recipe when you try adding the second ingredient without going back to the original. Now you can purposely put 2 new ingredients to a recipe. But if it is still not better, better go back to the standard and start all over again. The original recipe works. As humans we always want to improve. But don't improve without understanding the risk of destroying the original when we start tinkering and forget about where and how it all started.

When things are going off course, always go back to basics and you win!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz