Of Course Corporations ARE People……

Morning Folks!

Sometimes political debates are idiotic. This is such a case. It usually comes down to something clear and simple. 1+1=2. To me this is clear and simple. Not sure what I am missing. But I am sure many will chime in. But BS is BS and this is BS. It's simply out there as a straw man so we can fight about something that has no merit or meaning. I would assume EVERYONE reading this wants to hit it big and make their corp as big and profitable as possible.

So the raging debate is whether Corporations are people? The answer....of course people make up corporations. The great middle class works for corporations. Corporations need to make a profit to survive and create jobs. No profits = No jobs.

Last time I looked, corpoations employ people. If corporations do bad, so do we. If corporations can't afford to hire, we have unemployment. This is the DUMBEST debate I have ever seen in my entire business life. Just dumb. Idiotic. And as BUSINESS people there is no reason to get in this FALSE argument.

If a corporation does something wrong or illegal it was a PERSON or PERSONS that did wrong or something illegal. See how silly this all is? And as a public we buy into this nonsense.

As domainers with their own corporations does it run without you? Without you paying bills? Without you going to work every day? If everyone had a corporation and employed just ONE person, we would have to attract 100 million people from around the world just to fill those jobs. Did I say 'People'?

Corporations also have stock holders. The pension funds of millions of PEOPLE rest on the profits of corporations. I just don't see how you can put down corporations and also create jobs. Just not possible to walk east and west at then SAME time.

I guess you can make a debate about anything. But some debates and some issues are just idiotic and this is one of them. When you try to make something political that is not political. This is what I would call 'Splitting hairs' when there is virtually nothing to split.

From wikipedia:

'Despite not being natural persons, corporations are recognized by the law to have rights and responsibilities like natural persons ('people'). Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state, and they can themselves be responsible for human rights violations.'

Rick Schwartz

My Summer Vacation is Now Over! Here is Where I Spend Them.

Morning Folks!!

For the last 7 summers I head to the mountains where it is a bit cooler and I can relax and recharge my batteries. I have an 11 acre summer home which actually has almost the same square footage as my regular home. I love the place. We also come up in the fall or the spring for about 2 weeks. It's a place that you could call 'Off the grid'.

I have my own well, my own generator, bushes with berries and trees with walnuts. I have a red barn I have only been in once. A tack area for ponies and the neighbors raise alpacas. It is quiet and uneventful. As you can see, it has been a 'Working Vacation'.


But I am packing up today for the journey back to Florida tomorrow. There I will find a brand new office that I had custom designed since I spend so many hours of my life there. I have been working with the decorator and contractor for nearly a year to get it PERFECT! I get to see the progress during the day with my live cams and that is pretty cool. The Internet is just so cool.

So I am pretty excited to see how it all came out. I am a home body after spending more than the first half of my adult life living from hotel to hotel and flying almost every single day. All those years on the road and all I really wanted was a home.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz