Ritz-Carlton Hotel Rooming Update Bulletin

Evening Folks!!

Just to keep you up to date. This is my latest hotel report I just got minutes ago.

Friday October 5th.........2 Rooms available
Saturday October 6th.....3 Rooms available
Sunday October 7th......15 14 Rooms available
Monday October 8th......12 11 Rooms available
Tuesday October 9th.......6 5 Rooms available

Again, let me remind you....on MONDAY NIGHT all rates will go up. There may still be rooms for some nights. But PLEASE be prepared to pay $689/night. This IS the Ritz Carlton on the ocean and it is a holiday weekend.

The 2 nights that WILL be a problem. Saturday October 6th and Tuesday October 9th. If you go online to the Ritz Carlton site, and plug in Arriving on October 6th or 7th like almost everyone is and checking out the morning of the 10th like everyone else, the rate is $689 PER NIGHT! That's OVER $1600 more for the stay PLUS your taxes more than double as well.

All I can do is be on record and give you fair warning.

Rick Schwartz

AmusementPark.com to be Among Headliners at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Live Auction Next Month

Afternoon folks!!

As it gets closer to the auction we are getting more and more substantial domain names. Today AmusementPark.com joins Fanclub.com as the headliners for the TRAFFIC auction 1 month from tomorrow.

Here is the current list:

Lot #101 Tumors.com (No Reserve)
Lot #102 Fibre.com ($1 Reserve)
Lot #103 3dMovie.com (Aggressively Priced)
Lot #104 DesPlaines.com ($1000 Reserve)
Lot #105 (Awaiting Signed Contract)
Lot#106 gtldforum.com (No Reserve)
Lot#107 gTLD.org ($1000 Reserve)
Lot#108 AerobicExercises.com (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#109 FixedAPR.com (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#110 SeePrague.com (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#111 AnsweringMachines.com (No Reserve)
Lot#112 CheapLaptops.com (Aggressively Priced)
Lot#113 gtldAttorney.com (No Reserve)
Lot#114 NavigationGlasses.com (Low Reserve)
Lot#115 SmartLawyer.com (No Reserve)
Lot#116 FinancialGoals.com (No Reserve)
Lot#117 FitnessResort.com (No Reserve)
Lot#118 TechnologyTimes.com (Priced well)
Lot#119 FanClub.com (Opportunity knocking)
Lot#120 Saws.com 7400 August type ins (Greatly Reduced)
Lot#121 DebtService.com, FlipHomes.com, SolarPaneling.com
Lot#122 AmusementPark.com

Rick Schwartz

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Declan Dunn to be Keynoter at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Morning Folks!!

In the year 2000, 4 years before T.R.A.F.F.I.C. was founded, I met Declan Dunn and we became fast Friends. He is a dynamo! I am so very happy to say that he will be our keynote speaker on October 8th at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Just listening to what Declan has to say and the way he says it is worth the price of admission. You would have to go all the way back to John Reese to have a speaker of this caliber.


Often called the King of Affiliate Marketing, Declan Dunn is one of the most popular Internet marketing gurus on the Internet today. Among the various things he has done, an important thing is that he has invented various affiliate programs. All his affiliate programming methods have earned some degree of popularity in the Internet. Besides his affiliate marketing ventures, he has also written several eBooks on the subject, which have become Internet marketing bestsellers. Two of the most famous of his books are named Winning the Affiliate Game andComplete Insider’s Guide to Associate and Affiliate Programs. Most Internet marketing amateurs rely on these books to become fully acquainted with the process of affiliatemarketing.

Declan Dunn is also known for many other products. He is the author of the program Net Profits: How to Win the Internet Game and The Ten Step Master Plan for Maximizing Your Profits. He writes articles on the Internet, gives consultation to budding Internet marketers, speaks at seminars and does a lot of stuff that keeps him in the reckoning.

Today Declan Dunn focuses on Joint Ventures and that is just one of the timely topics he will discuss with us and share some of his successes and how you can enjoy that success.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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