Budgets Get in the Way of Just Doing it Right. Let’s Just Do it Wrong Because it is CHEAPER!

Morning Folks!!

As more and more new companies pop up so are out dated textbooks and professors that never ran a business trying to teach business in a classroom. Teaching FLAWED business in a classroom. This is laughable but also a crime. Kids PAYING to be taught GARBAGE!

If you still have not read this post and seen last weeks episode of Shark Tank you will remain clueless. No longer will you be able to SEIZE opportunity. First because nobody showed you how to recognize it when it crosses and the other is they have no idea themselves what opportunity looks like.

So here we are. Tens of thousands of new 'Business Graduates', few with a real job. So instead of being unemployed, they are involved in some 'Start up' that probably will shut down before it starts up. An engine with no motor.

So they run out and get 'Budgets' that of course include their payroll. Money that comes from others not even earned via the business. Are you kidding me?

Then of course they have their 'Budgets' and that is where the ship SINKS! See a budget can not substitute for making good decisions. Doing it RIGHT, trumps a silly budget because the silly budget puts invisible chains around you and you become doomed to failure. Do it right first, figure out the other stuff later. When you do it right, you get dividends. That usually pays for the budgets overages and then leads to SUCCESS.

So a note to start-ups. Start something, do it right, or just go to the beach and be unemployed because budgets will put you out of business LONG before you run out of money! So for you budget hawks that are squeezing the LIFE out of your business and smothering it to death, take 43 minutes to read/watch this. It's FREE. It won't break your HOLY BUDGET! But it may teach you something more than your classroom did. Come to think of it, McDonald's will teach you more in 9 hours than a classroom can in 9 months. Plus one will be much more valuable.

Budgets Get in the Way of Just Doing it Right. Let's Just Do it Wrong Because it is CHEAPER! If you work for a company and BUDGET is their keyword.....LEAVE! Leaver as fast as you can because that budget is the ceiling that will prevent you from success.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz