to be Among Headliners at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Live Auction Next Month

Morning Folks!!

A domain that has never been anything but a placeholder since 1995 is now going to be available at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction. is a true category defining domain name with a reserve with in reach of many domainers. What value would you put on this domain?

It joins a growing list of doamins for our live auction.

Lot #101 (No Reserve)
Lot #102 ($1 Reserve)
Lot #103 (Aggressively Priced)
Lot #104 ($1000 Reserve)
Lot #105 (Awaiting Signed Contract)
Lot#106 (No Reserve)
Lot#107 ($1000 Reserve)
Lot#108 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#109 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#110 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#111 (No Reserve)
Lot#112 (Aggressively Priced)
Lot#113 (No Reserve)
Lot#114 (Low Reserve)
Lot#115 (No Reserve)
Lot#116 (No Reserve)
Lot#117 (No Reserve)
Lot#118 (Priced well)
Lot#119 (Huge Opportunity)

Rick Schwartz

Are You Kidding Me?? Just 2.5 CENTS a DAY!?

Morning Folks!!

It drives me crazy when folks talk about earning enough to cover registration fees. Talk about setting the bar low. All a domain has to do is earn 2.5 CENTS A DAY to be profitable. 2.5 CENTS! 2.5 Sense! Are you kidding me?? Come on, if that is how you look at domains and are still losing, then something is very wrong!

I don't talk about 'Pigeon Shit' domains without a reason. The 'Pigeon Shit' is out of control. What are you folks thinking? There are thousands of you playing a fools game and while many are waking up because they are broke, still others are still buying the POOP!

There is so much PS out there that decent names seem impossible to recognize when you are pissing away dollars and can't even make PENNIES! Stop buying domains that don't mean anything! Lord! means NOTHING. Has NO VALUE. Oh yes, only for the next 3 groups coming. The ones focusing on Folks, they are called WORDS for a reason.

So once you toss out your pigeon shit it allows you to have the dollars for meaningful domains that are BORN every single day of the week. BORN! But when you chase yesterday you can't see that part of the equation.

Opportunity comes and opportunity is born when you are aware and pay attention. It amazes me that EVERY old timer still hand registers domains and the guys with less success always LAUGH at this. Are you kidding me??

If your bills exceed your income it is not the fault of domains! It is the fault of not seeing, understanding and adjusting.

I know it comes over as if I am scolding. But if you are losing money and your family depends on you, maybe it is time to take inventory. Look, I don't go around listing worthless domains. So let me give you some rules like the above.

When I hear this is an 'SEO Friendly' or 'Keyword Rich' or any of that other BOGUS terms to describe a domain name, let me give you the translation. WORTHLESS! is WORTHLESS! is WORTHLESS! is WORTHLESS!
Domains that confuse o and 0 are WORTHLESS!

One guy sent me a list of 4000 domain names. Every single one was WORTHLESS! But he is pissing away $35,000/year on pure pigeon shit. All he has to do is stop renewing the shit and start over with $35,000 in his pocket. Go buy a REAL set of domain names. Finance a $100k domain for 3 years. He has the POWER and the MONEY to change his destiny. But first I have to change his mind. I am sure he worked hard to put that together. Many hours. Wasted hours and wasted money. He is probably cursing the hell out of me right now. But his life and family are worth more than his pride. That's part of business.

Domains are either an asset or a liability. The difference is 2.5 CENTS a day! It's never too late to start over. If you are running a negative cash flow, the least you should do is begin the process of re-evaluating what you have. Nothing I don't do on a daily basis. I have let over 4000 names drop this year. I don't sell them. They were worthless and my job is not to look for somebody less knowledgeable so I can dump them on. I just let them drop. The only one I sold was at a substantial loss and swallowed my pride to unlock those dollars to become more productive.

I know there is real pain out there. I can see the desperation. The worry. The things and emotions we go thru when we know we are not heading in the right direction. But we feel that way when we are not in control. So to fix that....TAKE CONTROL!! Change your direction. Upgrade your portfolio while cleaning out those pigeon droppings.

I started talking about 'Pigeon Shit' for a reason back in 2010. Some thought it was cute. Some thought it was crude. I knew just how serious a problem it really was and how widespread that problem is. It was just the cold hard truth to me and when I see a 'Truth', I never back down from it.

So how do you REALLY know if you own 'Pigeon Shit'? Whether your entire portfolio is suspect? Put it to this test. What percentage of your portfolio meets my test?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz