Be Relevant First Optimize Later. SEO is a WASTE of Your Time and Efforts! Proof Right Here!

Morning Folks!!

SEO is a fools game. If you have been online 3 seconds that makes you qualified to be an seo guru. Not. There are more SEO Experts than any species on the net. But I stand by something I have said for years. Nothing can compete with 'Relevance'. If you want 'Google Love', don't worry about seo, worry about being good. Being relevant.

Google looks for 'Relevance' more than anything else.

Nothing will trump that even tho they all try.

I get #1 rankings on Google all the time.

I have NEVER EVER done SEO.

Now I am not saying SEO can't help, but it is the smaller piece of the puzzle.

Do a search for 'Rick Schwartz'

Do a search for 'Domain King'

Do a search for Márcio Mello Chaves

Do a search for Marcio Mello Chaves

Do a search for Mello Chaves

Do a search for poster boy hijackers

I could go on and on. Key is all relevance and I have never lifted a finger for seo. NEVER! HOWEVER, I did spend my time and energy on BRANDING. Say what you like, but proof is proof.

Relevance and everything else.

Search cowboys gay starts coming up with all this weeks articles about half way down.

Nothing can compete with relevance. Nothing! So unless folks talk about relevance, they are talking out of their ASS!

SEO hurts domains and sometimes for a very long time.

So instead of worrying about spamming search engines, worry about being relevant.

Relevance and everything else. That becomes branding when you do it right and repeatedly.

Now I do know there is seo traffic. But there are problems. The major one being after all the gyrations of SEO, you are lucky to get 5-10 extra visitors a day. So a lot of expense and effort without a lot of result. You would be better off working on your site.

1. You may or may not have the ranking very long. Especially on hotly contested keywords.

2. You may or may not get much traffic as I stated above. Lots of energy and time without much in results.

3. You are never in control. You are a t the mercy of others. Namely Google.

4. It's a fools game. It really is. No person advertising SEO services can compete with REAL seo folks.

5. Better to build a mousetrap and pay for the traffic because it is profitable to do so.

6. Long term damage to a domain name when folks over seo it. And that is always.

7. You are always competing with other seo guys in their underwear in a cave somewhere.

8. Does it sound like I am not a fan of seo?

9. For every one REAL seo guy there are 1 MILLION fakers. Maybe 2 million.

10. Relevance is the key to Google love. I have proved it above. Proof.

I could go on and on.

That said I have known real seo guys and I can tell you that you could not get within 100 feet of them. LITERALLY! They are a protected species. Nobody knows that either. A REAL SEO guy can make unlimited money on the Internet. Problem is most are stuck working for others and don't understand that part.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz