Breaking: Michael Hudak Named Sales Manager

Morning Folks!!

Each day we blaze a little bit further down the trail. Some days are not easy. Some days we make strides. Today is such a day.

Danny and I are thrilled to announce the appointment of Michael Hudak to lead the sales team. There were 2 other folks we seriously considered and that means we will have a deeper bench than I fist thought.

Other members of the team will be announced soon.
'Michael Hudak is a self motivated entrepreneur with a deep understanding of sales, start-up ventures, financial services, high level corporate structure, domain branding, investing as well as leasing and selling.
He holds a Bachelors degree in finance and has a self proclaimed PHD in people and real world business. Michael's joint startup has recently been covered on some big blogs and across many internet event partners and sites. He is also a partner of the first in person monthly venue for professional networking for finance professionals in New York-
Michael has achieved success with buying and selling domain names, creating revenue producing online properties, building businesses from the ground up and building a vast network of like minded professionals- both online and in person. Recently, Michael has taken the lead of a sales force headed up by Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh at and is ready to help set the gold standard in the domain leasing space.'
Congratulations Michael and spread the news!! Building the future one day at a time right in front of everyone! Maybe someday this will be something more than just a blog post.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Breaking: Michael Hudak Named Sales Manager

  1. Michael

    Thank you everyone for the congratulations and kind thoughts and wishes. I’ve received a lot of emails today from everyone welcoming me and congratulating me. One of my favorite things about this industry is the comradery and that it is still in it’s infancy and we are all part of something big. I’m excited to be a big part of the”something big” and that’s Joint Ventures.
    I want to thank Rick and Danny for the opportunity to lead their sales team and be a part of their venture. We are going to set the gold standard in domain leasing. The end user is going to adapt(in fact- I think some names will attract a feeding frenzy once word gets out that their competition is shopping to lease out the category defining .com relative to their business), the domain owner is going to make a lot more money monthly in recurring revenue, the broker that brokers the deal will earn recurring revenue, everyone wins when its cash buyout time. The leasee is going to open their business up to a huge market of targeted customers and really distance themselves from the competition with a killer Joint Ventures domain name. Danny says it best, it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. Imagine Kay Jewelers, Zales, Helzberg, Jared, Whitman, Harry Winston, Tiffany not knowing what owning would be worth to their business. The affect it would have, the sales increase, the market outreach increase, the leaps and bounds it could propel them ahead their competitors….I don’t care how big or successful they already are. Are they sleeping at the wheel? Someone is doing some snoozing. Here comes the wake up call. Myself and 11 others will be dialing soon to deliver the call.
    I’m excited to be a part of JV and want to thank everyone again for the emails and for reaching out. The more educated the corporation/end user is on the value of a good domain name, the more we all prosper. Joint Ventures will deliver that wake up call and we will all grow as an industry together.
    To the success of Joint Ventures!
    Best regards,


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