So you Think is Best for Jewelry? I Think not!!

Afternoon Folks!!

It would be the knee jerk reaction of most to believe should end up with a jewelry store. But is that REALLY the highest and best use? Absolutely not! As we have it the value is $3.5 Million. But how can you make that same domain worth 10x that? I have the answer.

The PERFECT use for would be for to go after Google Circles. That's the single best use at this point in time. Imagine making that sale. Persuading folks in power to make a decision that what we have can be useful in what they are trying to achieve. SIMPLE!

Maybe showing a strategic way to a common end has value? Maybe more than you might think.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “So you Think is Best for Jewelry? I Think not!!

  1. Jamie Farrelly

    Not a bad idea really, but I’d say you’d have a hard time convincing the big guys to use the name Rings. I think if Bing did want to compete with Googlr circles they’d come up with something unique (maybe a domain that’s even FTR right now for all we know!) rather than rings, but who knows?!

  2. David Collison

    Incidentally, is currently FTR … although presumably a network of Crosby appreciation societies might snatch it from under Microsoft’s nose.

  3. Troy

    Why would they need Google does just fine without owning

  4. RaTHeaD

    i drinks alot myself but sometimes i try not to post until i sobers up… other times like now… not so much.

  5. Ramahn

    On a great track..but I’m not sure rings would be best fit. Circle, commonly used slang for group (of people). Rings could be used in that same manner but no one really uses it in that way. While”Bing rings” does sound kinda catchy and it does rhyme.. something about it still doesn’t have me sold. Olympics related?..MMA?..maybe better for jewelry after all?

  6. UFO

    Not sure about rings in that particular use for the price quoted. Paying 30m for a brandable name isn’t as concrete as 3.5m for a cashflow based on real people really looking for rings.
    There is actually a checklist of what makes a domain seriously valuable, and I’m sure others can add from off the top of my head, but ‘it goes something like this’ (Thats a run DMC lyric is it not?)
    Category defining name – Yes.
    Highly recollectible – Yes. Short.
    Category is large – Yes
    Category has a high margin – Mark up large.
    Category is suited to the internet – Most definitely.
    Hence Rings is a seriously valuable name.


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