T-Minuus 2 Hours and Counting!

Morning Folks!!

In just a little over 2 hours we will do something unique and different and it will be done transparently right in front of everyone. The naysayers can continue wasting their time and energy while you watch a dozen motivated folks take the positions and begin to move these 18 wheelers over the crest of this monster of a mountain. While they root for our failure each success will be a dagger to their being.

If nothing else we have defined progress! We have done this entire undertaking in front of everyone. Each day methodically moving just a little bit closer to a HUGE goal. A goal that if and when achieved will change the way all non pigeon shit farmers do business.

You can own 100% of pigeon shit the size of a grape or you can share in the rewards of 5% of an asset the size of a watermelon. 5% of something vs 100% of NOTHING! or .NOTHING or .Pigeonshit

See you at 10AM EST TODAY!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “T-Minuus 2 Hours and Counting!

  1. Business 101

    Let the games begin and agendas by bloggers, pleasing advertisers. Hidden agendas. Everyone has agendas. Out of all the blogs in the space, you will see some”true colors of people”. Big players, some of us are friends with them.
    Read What Rick is saying over the years.
    Here is eight minute video to summarize things:
    No one will be able to fuck with the .com. Type in traffic. out of 100 new extensions, 2 of them will make it maybe? Maybe 3.
    Regret some in not applying and what an honor to work with Rick and crew.

  2. Anthony S

    I am ready to go Is this the blog we comment from? I dont know who wrote tease as the first comment as Anthony? I am Anthony

  3. Anthony S

    If the comments are held in moderation until approved how fast can the approval process be?

  4. Newgrl

    “Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”
    -Mike Singletary

  5. joshua

    Morning everybody-
    This is gonna be great! Happy hunting – Lets have a great day!

  6. Business 101

    Out of all the people who can pull this off, its going be Rick. Rick is a leader in the domain industry.
    In the meantime, we are trying to climb the mountain one way or the other.

  7. Kobe Green

    Insulting Comments Removed by Rick for fake name (MrWin) and more. I substituted his real name on this comment. (The one he has spewed shit with before)
    (Jerkoff Naysayer (pigeon shit farmer) hiding his identity but found out who it really was! Hey Kobe… Next time do a better job of using a FAKE name! FAKER!)


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