RicksBlog.com gets TERMINATED by Reader

Morning Folks!!

So when I made yesterday's short but what I felt was an important post, I got the following as a comment:

'This your termination letter.

Over 6 month I've been subscribed to your blog with a desire to learn what makes a successful domain investor.

Here is what I picked up thus far.

1. You are very smart and people that buy your domains are also very smart.
2. You have a vision and people that buy your domains also have a vision.
3. You were in the right place at the right time, and that makes you very smart and gives you a vision.
4. Everybody else that does now share your vision is a looser and has no vision.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

And since there is nothing more (or ever) to learn I have no choice to remove your blog from my reader.

Good luck,
Your former subscriber.'

Of which this was my response:

'Anthony, sorry to hear you are GIVING UP at the start of things.
That's what will make you a loser in life. Nothing I can say can or can't do that.

Sorry I took you out of your comfort zone. Your ACTIONS or any ones ACTIONS are what makes winners and losers. Or in-actions.

So you went off the deep end on #4.

My vision does not invalidate somebody else's vision.
But if their vision fails....then what? Am I supposed to make believe there was a different reality?

Did Borders have a chance to stay in business? Who dropped the ball there?
Don't you think dissecting something like that has value?
Decision makers that were trusted to make good decisions ran their company out of business.
So is it off limits to point that out? Ask the CEO, President, 25 VP's how they did that?

Giving up is what makes somebody a loser Anthony. And if you are running away, then it is because I said something that hit close to home and pissed you off. Good!

So if you have been reading for 6 months and got nothing....you are either on a different planet or have something else going on. I wish you luck former subscriber. Whatever you are looking for comes from within, so blame away!'

What would YOUR response be to Anthony?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


16 thoughts on “RicksBlog.com gets TERMINATED by Reader

  1. KW Boswell

    I would tell him that Ricks’s blog is a”Manual” meaning instructions or a User guide. Most people will see a manual, but not read it. Many will search an owners manual for a pinpointed issue and skip the rest. And others, such as myself will read it for many years for the information that it contains. It is up to him.

  2. Joe

    I’d suggest he needs to listen to everyone’s advice, but follow his own. As with all aspects of life, it is VITAL for you to learn from those who were there before you, but you need to build up and follow your own plan if you want to succeed.

  3. Mike

    Be realistic Rick, your readers aren’t all on your level when it comes to domain investing. It’s understandable that Anthony feels that you’re not offering him more content relatable to his level. But, he needs to realize that it’s your blog and you’re driving the train… it’s up to him if he wants to stay on or not.
    That doesn’t make him a loser. Actually, someone that owns crappy domains that follows your blog cheering you on while you make million dollar deals thinking that they’ll make similar deals, just by subscribing to your blog, should start forming an”L” with their fingers and placing it on their forehead.
    I’m no where close to your level of domain investing, but I do enjoy the movement you’re creating. Perhaps Anthony shouldn’t look for one source to answer all his questions, but be willing to catch the gems from many sources.
    Rick, will quitting your blog actually make Anthony a loser in life? I’m sure you’d agree you’re not the absolute resource for domain investing.

  4. Jay

    Not just Rick, but all of us have to be realistic and understand that different people have different opinions and not everything fits other’s ideas. Even Ricks is an icon of domaining industry, his ideas and blog content is not complex and is focused on just one directions, limited to just part of domaining business. I wouldn’t laugh on anyone, I would respect them and their opinons…

  5. Shane Cultra

    This is a blog and a blog reflects the direction and personality of it’s owner. Lately the blog has focused on leasing and reverse hijacking. While interesting and educational, it is a much more isolated group of readers. This focus has certainly reduced the conversation. There is just so many articles that can be written about leasing. I personally did not enjoy Danny’s style of writing and I’m sure others agreed. It was the first time I have ever been to this blog with articles that had less than 5 comments. I am sure he is intelligent and a great guy. Michael Hudak says he is, so in my book he must be.
    I come to learn a little but mostly to enjoy the banter of the comment section. There has been none for several months. Anthony may be feeling the same way just using harsher words and not realizing that even little bits of knowledge and entertainment are worth stopping by for.

  6. Puckerhuddle

    Perhaps Anthony expected that there would be a check in his mailbox if he read the blog long enough. There is much to be learned from Rick’s thought process, analysis, clarity, discipline, patience, etc. I add it to my reading along with many other inputs every week. We do not live in a vacuum and its interaction and sharing of ideas that create progress. Rick sees his road clearly and shares that with the world and I thank him. There are many paths up this mountain, and the most of them have yet to be explored. Rick sees his clearly and is proceeding up it with purpose and confidence.

  7. eh

    I say he will still be reading Rick’s blog, he can’t escape it. If he does not read it here, he will read it from some other blogger, who is paraphrasing what he read on Rick’s blog a long time ago, while our friend was snoozing.

  8. John

    Don’t take things personally. Take in information from all the various sites that cover domains and blend it into your own formula. One site isn’t going to give you all your answers. Only you will overtime from putting in the research and going through trial and errors.

  9. Owen

    I would tell him that the people at Google must have been feeling him, so they terminated reader to save him the time and trouble of terminating each subscription individually.

  10. MattR

    Contra to shanecultra —
    I enjoyed Danny’s posts alot.
    Just wanted to get that in there.

  11. Homero A. Gonzalez

    I would ask Anthony for specifics in Item # 4. I would also ask him why he wrote a termination letter versus just unsubscribing and walking away whistling a happy tune??

  12. CateTV

    I would ask him if he has a/some irl mentor(s)?
    I would ask him what made him first become interested in your blog – was it just”how to become a successful domain investor”?
    Depending on his answer to above I would refer him to some applicable posts here.
    I would gently suggest that this blog/personality is like all others in that it is a smorgasbord (in this particular blog – a huge one) where you can take what you want, and with the guidance of a mentor/friend, perhaps what you need! And leave the rest :)
    I would then quote myself – lol – and say”The older I get the more people I know. The more people I know, the more I know people”.

  13. Anita

    I would point out to him (and anyone else like him) that firstly, no one forced him to read your blog :-) secondly, people who get disappointed on small trivial stuff and can’t see the bigger picture are in a lot more trouble than”just not getting it”. Rick or anyone else on the internet doesn’t need to put up with such crap. Everyone of us who puts out their knowledge for free for others to learn from at least deserves some respect!


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