Final Results of First Ever Domain Lease Draft

Morning Folks!!

Congratulations for a job well done. If folks could have been on our call of 14 you would have known what a great team we have assembled. Congrats, good luck and now on with it!!

Below are the selections in the first draft and more information will be coming about the top 25 domains as well as the remaining domains. None will be forgotten and none will be left behind. This is the first step in a long and fun journey done transparently in front of the WORLD!

Brandon Breshears

Toshi Endo and plural
Christian Cavin
Anthony Silva

Joshua Fahrer

Dr. Domainer
Brian Fracaro
Cate Colgan &
Dara Celestin & and
Eustorgio Guzman

Michael Hudak
DNA portfolio

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “Final Results of First Ever Domain Lease Draft

  1. Daniel

    Congratulations Brandon.
    Obviously you know the name of the game. You picked some of the best names:
    Yes, you guessed right ;-)

  2. CateTV

    Thanks so much Rick and Danny for this opportunity! Live the initial names I’ll be repping! :) although ALL the names are winners because we now have the power!
    Heading home from my waitressing job and will be making a matrix/whiteboard (whatever method works!) for each name and then contact brainstorm, mind map, prioritize, contact, sell, pivot, repeat – I just might know someone in the industry of some of the other sales reps names – we’re a team and if some contacts pop in to my mind I’ll be sure to let you know! :). That way we’ll all ! :) FYI that ones for lease starting now!!

  3. MrWin

    Hello I am MrWin. AKA Kobe Green. Will the real DOMAINER please stand up? Please stand up!
    Haha! Yes I am a NAYSAYER.
    Rest of comment edited out for content from a very jealous ASSHOLE! Kobe Green aka who else? Worthless ghost must suck to be you with nothing to show for your life but a Casper Complex. lol

  4. MrWin

    Another Comment by an asshole named Kobe Green aka others has been deleted and removed. He is a ghost and pigeon shit farmer. Plus a lousy excuse for a human being.
    Now to the bad stuff about him……..

  5. Brandon

    Daniel, Awesome domains! I have some great contacts in this niche so I’m hoping to get these leased for you really quickly!

  6. _Max

    I think that domain is perfect to show your catalog, i.e. a list with sceenshot etc.of all the most successful sites running on premium domains and generics in particular
    Show your products…
    Good luck


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