First Ferber Wedding Spy Pics…..

Morning Folks!!

What does a man do after he gets married? Well we have pics of Ferbers first pee among others. Just want to wish Jenna and John Ferber many happy years and here's to a bunch of little Ferbers!

In all I managed to take 500 pictures on my iPhone amidst 5 Ferber Punches that provided quite the buzz especially after being spiked with an extra shot or two of Myers. The good news was I did not have any ginger ale!

Here comes the Bride!


And there they go!

Just a man and his thoughts!

And the first order of business after getting married.....

First Dance

Jenna's reaction after learning I would be posting 'John's first pee'

John and the Blues Brothers!

The Blue's!

Can anyone find John?

Many years of happiness and congrats to the happy couple! It was a great time for all and all had a great time. Thanks guys!!

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “First Ferber Wedding Spy Pics…..

  1. Uzoma

    Oh ahahaha!!! Hilarious! First pee??? Wow….genius.
    Looks like a lot fun…
    John, you lucky son of gun!!! Congratulations!


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