Infoworld’s Ted Samson Labels me a”Cybersquatter”. My Response!

Evening folks!!

I am being called a "Cybersquatter" by a  "Journalist" at info world, Ted Samson, for registering
pope related domains even tho I have offered the names to the Vatican RIGHT HERE with this post.

I have written Mr. Samson and hopefully he will correct the record and show the difference
between what I did and what I cybersquatter does.

Here is his misguided story.

And Mr. Samson, if you go through my blog posts just in the past few months you will see
I talk about giving the domain name to the Jack Kemp Foundation.
I asked nothing in return.

I gave to Yogi Berra and asked nothing in return.

I gave to Joe Torre and asked nothing in return.

And if you go to you will see I spent about $450 just weeks ago for the HONOR
of giving Terry Bradshaw his name. Just waiting to be contacted.

Does that sound like cybersquatting to you sir?

So I ask that you now only correct the record, but show the good side as well.
Don't you think that would be fair?

But if not, I am sure I can make up names to call you as well and then you will see the error of your ways.
So let's just get this right and move on. Fair enough?

And by the way, why don't you do a REAL STORY on Procter and Gamble getting ruled a
REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKER that you can read about from all my posts this week.
That sir would be journalism! That would be courageous.

Thank you!

Rick Schwartz

The story has been updated to include a small response from me. I am grateful for that. But maybe
It is time to clearly define what is and is not cybersquatrting and maybe with the P&G story and this,
we can have a start!

"A Florida-based company called scooped up a bunch of Pope Francis-themed domain
names, including,,,,,,, and The company's CEO,
Richard Schwartz, said in an email to InfoWorld that he is not a cyber squatter.
In his blog, he offered to make all of these domain names available to the Vatican at no cost,
"not that they would want any."

5 thoughts on “Infoworld’s Ted Samson Labels me a”Cybersquatter”. My Response!

  1. Kevin M.

    That’s the new media of today! The -“I’m a Blogger, I Don’t Check Facts That May Ruin a Good Traffic Bearing Sensational Who-Cares-If-It’s-Not-True Story!, journalists of today.”
    People gripe about the Liberal and Conservative media, but the myopics are being blindly led by the – ‘Print First, Check Facts..maybe’ media!

  2. MarkH

    Here here! I am so sick of the word CyberSquatter. If it even has any actual meaning it is not what you are doing. This word is so thrown around without regard to definition.
    What actually happened is: I bought the beachfront property first and now it is mine to do with it what I want, sorry, not everybody gets to live on the beach.
    Is this so hard to understand? I don’t live on the beach, I live with the fact that Donald Trump got it first… Is he a LandSquatter?

  3. Joe

    Although I don’t think this is cybersquatting, I don’t really like this Pope domain thing and, yes, the best way to put an end to it is by following mr. Connors’ gesture. Looks like he’s going to donate his great domain, the only one that really has value right now, to the newly appointed pontiff.,0,140344.story

  4. Joao

    The problem with this kind of news is that the guy writing forgot he is not a judge and the website isn’t a court.

  5. donnym

    What really happened IMO was that he may have checked on his own name and found it was taken 8 years ago. He probably never thought to register his own domain name. Now what field is he in ?


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