Pigeon Sh*t Can Actually Make you go Blind! The Great Pigeon Sh*t Drop of 2013

Morning Folks!!

Want to make $1000 before noon TODAY? Then do what I do. Each morning I go into my account and shut off auto-renewal on a dozen or more domains. I look at each domain at $100 each over the course of the next 10 years with the increases etc. So each time I take a domain off auto-renewal and prepare for it to drop, I make $100.


We all have pigeon shit. Been talking about it for 3 years. Remember back then that the way folks made up for not having quality was having quantity? So where did all the 6 figure domain holders go? Most are long gone. Swallowed up by their own overhead. They never even wrote a goodbye letter. They just went bye bye.

Pigeon Shit can make you blind!


I have dropped 4000 domains in the past 2 years and I plan at least 1000 more. Each 1000 domains frees up $100,000 to buy ONE REAL DOMAIN.

Look, with time we learn things. Some things don't pan out. Some do. Each day, each year we get new information and the new information is what turns a domain into one worth tossing. Some pigeon shit eating domainer will pick it up and then you will have defined things even more.

I know it is hard to let go. I know as well as anyone. But what works works and what does not work is called a recurring bill. That's not an asset. That is a liability. So if your domains are a liability, wtf are you doing?

Overhead is what makes or breaks anyone or any business. Things change, things evolve, we learn and grow. Phrases used just a few years ago are now obsolete. That's what happens when you are on the cutting edge of things. You get things that get outdated quickly.

So what makes you a domainer? If you can't rattle off a half dozen impressive domains........then what are you doing? I can't tell you how sad it makes me to see portfolios with 1000 domains and not a one worth registration fees. That domainer can right his ship, but he still FIRST has to learn what makes one domain have value and another one have only a bill. Piece of glass vs a diamond. You would think one would take a DAY OR TWO to figure it out.

I am not happy to say that Pigeon Shit Farmers outnumber domainers by some 100-1. That's the number folks. 100-1. Maybe more. There are well over 100,000 that call themselves domainers but less than 1000 that actually qualify.


Rick Schwartz


9 thoughts on “Pigeon Sh*t Can Actually Make you go Blind! The Great Pigeon Sh*t Drop of 2013

  1. Dr Domainer

    The thing I love about domaining is watching my portfolio
    change every year when I drop my pigeon shit domains.
    I do lots of different tests on my domains and if they
    don’t get traffic or nice amounts of offers they will
    get dropped. Obviously we all have some domains that don’t
    get much traffic and offers that we will keep because they
    still shine.

  2. Joe

    I agree. It’s rewarding to see your portofolio evolve over the years and drop what the previous year looked like gold nuggets but then you realized it was just rocks. Domaining is all about distinguishing nuggets from rocks and learning to do this is a process that never ends. Each and every day you learn something new that enriches you and makes you more knowledgeable in all fields of life, not just domaining.

  3. Middle Tear Domainer

    The thrills of domaining. Good reminder Rick and its not about hype. Its reality. The good, the bad and the ugly I call it.
    I am probably dropping around 75 domains in the next 5 months and feels good!
    I want a basket of higher performing .com type in domains. 100 domains and core holdings. Renew them to the max also and if anything happens to me, my family wont ever experience what Igals family had to do.
    There really is a land of opportunity for anyone. While I sold a good portion of my .tv holdings off and core holdings I am also pleased to say I also paid off Pigeon Shit off debt.
    Credit card(high interest rate) and 15k
    Car Note paid off 7k
    Home equity line 10k, another 20k to go.
    So while we talk about carrying costs in domains, look at your monthly expenses and debt. By the end of the year, should really start feeling a lot better when home equity line is paid off in full and I still continue to buy core .com domains up.
    ABL (always be learning) and ABS (always be selling). Fuck the noise, lets all make some money!

  4. John

    Great Post
    Thanks for opening up about some of your numbers (name drops) as well

  5. BullS

    That why I always read my site”BullS’.
    If you have pigeon shit domains, your site will be”BullS”
    and I love passing my pigeon shit domains to someone suckers.

  6. Laurence

    It always amazes me, when I drop a name that I feel has lost it value, some other”investor” picks it up at a drop catcher and pays $69.00 + to acquire a name I did not feel even warranted putting up for sale on a domain blog.


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